Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Yes, it's true that I love crows.  The story behind that is my sweet departed Rottweiler Panzer, the son of Shumba.  We bred Shumba once, she had 8 pups which all lived, strange for a first litter.  We sold 7 and kept Panzer.  

Panzer was the sweetest most gentle goofy boy dog ever.  I used to tell my ex he was a jokster.  He'd run thru the field grab a wild flower and run at his mother hoping she'd chase him down for it.  I'm getting off track here.

Anyway, Panzer also thought he could fly because when a crow would caw and fly nearby he'd run and leap as tho he would sprout wings and catch it.  Then the attraction to crows began.

1 Crow Bad News
2 Crows Mirth
3 Crows a wedding
4 Crows a Birth
5 Crows riches
6 Crows a thief
7 Crows a journey
8 Crows a grief
9 Crows a secret
10 crows sorrow
11 Crows love ~~ uh, I'd like to know where that love is??? 
12 Crows a good tomorrow.  But the poem doesn't have a 13th crow so maybe that is where my love went, lol.

Yes, I hooked all of those and actually have another couple Magdalena rugs which also had a crow in them but didn't post.  

Have a great evening.



  1. Crows 6/7, Penny Crow, was in Purely Primitive. It was from a quilt pattern from "Free Spirit" by Gerry Kimmel and Linda Brannock. They were gracious enough to let me use it in the book. I hooked that way back in 1992....eons ago!! Fun rug.
    Love all your crows.

  2. Saundra your crow rugs are marvelous...I'm a huge crow fan too...will have to count up all the ones I've hurry along and find those other Magdalena rugs with crows!

  3. Those are something to crow about!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Such a sweet story about your pup, Panzer!!
    Your crow rugs are wonderful and I especially love the Magdalena ones!!
    You "Crow" girl!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Heart Hugs~

  5. Love seeing your rugs...and I am a big crow fan too. Have yet to hook one tho. Just sheep and rabbits so far.

  6. Those are all great rugs with crows and a fun poem.


  7. I haven't heard that saying in years.

  8. Crows, crows,,,, love ur collection,,,, they are wonderful, , wonderful, ,,,, take care,,,

  9. Every one of these crows is lovely.
    My most favorite is the first one - the shading is sheer perfection ! Is that one a smaller cut than you normally use ?

  10. I love crows! Yours are fantastic…all of them! Go ahead, though, and create #13. :)

  11. What a great collection of crow rugs! Love them all Saundra!

  12. I have a connection to crows too, it always feels good to see them. LOVE all these crow creations, so beautifully done!

  13. I have crows all around where I live they are suppose to be intelligent birds. Your crow rugs are beautiful you are such an artist! What gentle dogs . When I worked at the hospital the dogs that came to visit patients to make them smile were like Panzer gentle and sweet.


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