Friday, July 22, 2016

Thinking About Blue Wool

I've been thinking about what to do with all the blue wool that resides in my stash now.  Some are worms and some from recent dye jobs to get a blue for the Sports rug.  Well, that is after the current two rugs are hooked (Sports Rug and Ned).   I love what Kelley (With Hook and Needle) is doing with her blue strips but wouldn't want to copy.

So started thinking of other options.  A couple years ago I hooked this plaid fox for Barb Carroll.
A photo of the sign at her driveway entrance was the inspiration for the mat. Believe Barb was going to make it into a pillow and wish I'd thought of doing that instead of a mat for her.  Anyway, could use the plaid theme and do an all plaid rug or a pillow for my bed.

Looked for a photo of Barb's sign but must have deleted it.  Even went so far to search print outs of photos and still couldn't find something to scan.  Oh well, those of you who have been to Barb's are well aware of that sign I'm sure.  

But while looking for that photo came across another rug I hooked trying to use up blue worms in 2012.  That would be this Seaside Swimsuit design by Polly Minick.  But worms and wool have multiplied since then.
Other ideas came to mind such as hooking circles and stars like this applique below.
Or I could hook a row or rows of various blue winter mittens ~~hmm, me thinks me likes this idea.

But first things first.... finish Zach's Favorite Sports Rug and finish Ned.

Stay cool folks; it's a hot one out there.



  1. It sure is hot!! Here too ,, and we are in southern ontario!! Nice in the shady breezy side of the house,,,,, I can sit and hook or punch there today,,,, love the ideas of using up blues,,,, love scrappy mats,,,, I have so many worms now,,,,, too many,,, hope u find a solution,,, I am sure u will, , keep cool and good weekend,,,,

  2. you can definitely copy what I'm doing's been such a fun rug to make! I sure do remember that sign from Barb's driveway...

  3. I've hooked blue hearts and they are so calming.
    Kelley is such a generous soul!!! Go for it.
    Hot here in Ohio, too. Sure wish it would rain...sigh.
    Hugs :)

  4. Mittens would be too cute!! Thank goodness for air conditioning here in the south!!!


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