Sunday, July 17, 2016

Antique Rugs

Today I pushed myself to try and finish the Red Skins logo on my grandsons rug but failed.   Which means its time for another rug show. Hopefully there will be something to show on that rug tomorrow; sure hope so because I'm not having fun right now using #6 and #7 cuts. Actually a few loops were even smaller UGH!
Above is a framed E.S. Sands rug design.
A dog in profile from a collection sold from a Virginia estate hooked by the owner I believe.
Girl in landscape with oval center.  Great artistic design for that time with the flower and tree extending beyond the border.  That person was "thinking outside the box".
The Kitchen Scene above was hooked in 1881 by MB.  You can see the cat under the stove and if you tap on the photo to enlarge to see the date and initials well hidden in the oval rug.  Also notice the unequal border ~ as if the woman had limited space and the rug design overwhelmed her before she ran out of foundation on the right side. The only other time I've seen that was in Barb Carroll's antique rug Kinderhook Basket, shown below.
Below is a gorgeous New England hearth rug which sold for $28,000 and change.  Wonderful vine border and adore that bold it colbolt blue or purple vase?  Since I have a cataract understand my eye color detection might not be on cue.  But what I see is wonderful as my eye sees it now.
The rug below has no provenance that was noticed on the auction site. Scrolls in the rug are equally matched on each end and sides althought not flowing comfortably with my eye.  What is also interesting is the flat dark black X across the blue rectangle.  
Okay, gotta go and finish my dinner.  Ben has been taken care of but since I pushed myself to TRY and post a picture of the rug I'm hooking have delayed my dinner.

Have a good evening.  God Bless the men and women police officers, firefighters, and the military who put their lives in harms way to protect ours.   They do NOT get enough pay!



  1. That New England hearth rug is magnificent, but a bit out of my price!
    Hugs :)

  2. Wonderful rugs and the dog is my favorite, that would be fun to reproduce.


  3. Lovely mats,,,, thanks for the show,,,,,

  4. I so love when you show old rugs and very happy the snake pictures have gone yeck.


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