Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today decided to soak some wool to attempt getting a better blue wool from a 'fresh' dye recipe.  Below is the wool soaked for hours in synthropol to ensure good coverage.  
The larger piece of wool measured 30" x 32" and the two smaller pieces were parts of a upcycled jacket section.

Previously I'd attempted to 'revive' this same recipe (Warm Sky) which had crystallized but wasn't happy with the results at the time.  You can check out that post HERE, about my misadventures of that dye job. However, now I'm not so sure it was so bad; you'll see in a few minutes why.
Above and to the right side are the results of today's dye job.  Was attempting to get a wool to match the light wool already hooked in the right side of the rug since the left side was becoming increasingly dark using the rest of my blue stash.
However, as you can see from the pictures above and below, this turned out too light...dang it.  Uh, that's not the wording I used when you weren't around. 
Interesting how much lighter this dye job turned out and appears to be much lighter than would work.  Since there were a few, very few lighter wool strips left to hook decided to place them on top of what was dyed today.  
First, they have a green hue to them since I was resorting to pulling out all sorta similar wool to fill the background.  So THEN.... decided to go to my blue wool section and pull out some of the wool that was from the 'Misadventures of a Rug Hooker'.  
The two wool pieces to the right are from that task and might just be what I'll use to fill in for the remaining part of the background for Zach's Favorite Sports Rug.  

I've so much blue wool now that I'll be  hooking blue hearts like Kelley all this winter when I get those 'winter blues'.

Last evening and today chose to hook on the gold border of Ned but think I'll switch and work on my grandson's rug.  There will be so much ripping and switching wool strips throughout the rug that I may as well bite the bullet and start now.  Besides, that dang rug needs to be done within the next 5 months and Gran is getting tired tweaking it.

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Wow! Isnt that something,,,, how different it turns out,,,, it will turn out fine I am sure, but meanwhile,,,,, yikes!!!

  2. and that is why I hate dying it never comes out the way you want it to that water is different, or the moon was full etc who knows what throws it off. even though it is a very hot summer I am not ready to think of winter.

  3. I can only imagine the words lol I hope one day to learn to dye wool

  4. Too bad the grandson will never fully appreciate the agony grandma has been through on this rug!!! Dyeing is such an imprecise art. You think everything is exactly the same, but it never seems to turn out that way for me. I am impressed with your persistence!!!

  5. My ears were burning yesterday. Were you the cause???
    I'm sure in the end, after much frustration, it will end up just perfect! I agree 100% with what Jennie had to say.
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi Lauren,
    How frustrating for you!!! Totally agree with Jennie and Lauren!! I know you will get it done perfectly!!
    Take care and happy hooking!
    Heart Hugs~


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