Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UFO's She Asked

Jennie (Over the Hill and Running) asked if I had any UFOs since it appears that I'm diligent in finishing projects.   The answer is yes. Last winter decided to use a small piece of linen to draw a 12" square. Plans were to use worms and make a hit and miss chair or table mat.   
Didn't like what I'd hooked, got bored and it has been hanging around since.  One day between rugs I'll pull it out and probably pull out strips and do something else.

That is the only UFO here UNLESS you consider Simple Gifts by Karen Kahle still needs to be bound completely.  I worked on it a little yesterday in the doctor's office waiting room and on Monday in the dentist waiting room.    Like Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) since binding is not fun, it is a perfect time to seize the opportunity.
And, still have some of Ned's border to finish and then bind.  But then feel my grandson's rug and Ned (Woolley Fox) were being hooked in tandem so don't think they classify as a UFO.
However....... in the past I had two rugs which stand out as long term UFOs but now finished.  

As a relatively new hooker saw a cute design by Claire Murray named Strawberry Patch on eBay. Price was good and thought it a good idea to try hooking with yarn. Learned quickly that yarn was a beast to hook with (for me) .  Not only that but the too clean, too bright colors didn't fit in my house since I have antiques.  It would look adoreable in a child's room or a chipped white cottage room.  Uh....I'll definitely sell it if anyone is interested.  Anyway, after hooking the bunnies and a couple flowers put the rug away for a couple years.  
The next to go on a very long hiatus was this geometric rug design I drew up.  Well of course my thought was to use up all those worms which seem to multiply like rabbits but soon got bored.  Think this was tucked away for like 5 years until getting motivated to use up more worms.
So my plan of action was to hook one block per day then hook something fun.  Soon a lot of the rug was hooked and was motivated to finish it.  My friend Evelyn had told me she thinks this one is a keeper and to not sell it.

If you look closely at the 'granny geo' you will see this was an early hooked rug of mine too.  At the time of starting it didn't know how to make sharp corners and many of those designs take on a shape of their own and are rounded.  I enjoy that rug now but it isn't on the floor....yet.  

Have a good evening everyone.  Am HOPING to post a finished (hooking that is) of Zach's Sports Rug tomorrow.  That is, of course, if I get off this dang computer.  Stay cool.



  1. You have two almost finishes! I bet they will both be done before the weekend. I haven't hooked for me in weeks since I'm really trying to get stuff made for the early September show. I just hope my efforts pay off :)
    Hugs :)

  2. I can not believe how much you hook! and that is your ufo? oh I have a drawer full.

  3. Love the geometric mat!! Wow,,,love mats like that,,,,, very good girl that you realky do finish,,,,, good on you,,,,,
    I am not bad either,,,, a few need the hokking done and one left to bind! Etc,,,,, take care,,, the bunny one , so sweet,,, I love using yarn and wool together,,,, take care,,,,

  4. I love your few UFOs. I think we all have at least one or two of them. We need something to work on on rainy days.


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