Sunday, July 10, 2016

Checking Out the Border

Thought that before any more of the gold border is hooked I should see what it looks like on my monitor.  The last couple times showing Ned may have neglected to say it was a pattern by Woolley Fox.
Think I'll set Ned aside for the evening and hook some background on my grandson's rug while I look at Ned.  There are a few areas which are bothering me; well, maybe those areas would be those triangles on each end.

My initial thought was to have the middle on each side the same and have the four corners different.  So I chose the blue for the right bottom to balance the blue strips representing Ned's mane.  Then top righ used the grey faint stripe of the butterfly and flower.  

Hmm, BUT... if I put the grey faint stripe on the left bottom corner it is too close to the butterfly and flower and not sure if I'd like that color on the top left directly across from the other corner color.

Am pondering putting the blue in the four corners and keeping the green/purple plaid in the middle.  Or put blue in all 6 triangle shapes.

Me thinks working on my grandson's rug for the evening is a good thing.

OH!!!!!!!  In yesterday's mail I received the fall issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.  And this beautiful crow is one of the patterns, a design by Pat Cross.  Well you know it will soon be on my frame since it is a crow. And Walter is a mighty handsome specimen indeed.
Accomplished a lot today doing things not enjoyable:  pulling weeds, cutting grass with push mower and riding mower, trimming limbs and bushes (still LOTS more to do), cleaning out fish pond filters, filling bird feeders.  But hey, as an adult and homeowner it isn't always cake and ice cream is it?

But tomorrow I can have a free day to do as I please.  Hope you enjoy your evening and hope tomorrow is a happy one for each of you.



  1. Back to work for me tomorrow yeck. But I did get a lot done this weekend. It was rainy and just right for lots of cleaning out.
    I love that crow I have done a few crows too.

  2. I like the blue, but the way it is now, it just pops out at me, so maybe in all corners it would be more of a backdrop color, but I would leave the brown ones in, think it adds more to keep them different. I know whatever you decide, it will be perfect.


  3. Can't wait to get the issue will be on my frame as well

  4. WOW.......and thank you! Glad you like Walter.
    Your corners....I love the blue one. What about doing another one in the purple color that outlines the center flower? I love quirky. He's looking great. Can't wait to see what you decide with the corners! And THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh I hope my copy of the magazine comes today. That crow is great.

    I am not the right one to comment on color planning..


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