Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Gift To Myself

Look what was in my mail today.  Yippee, a rug purchased on eBay.  I LOVE crows and have hooked several which I display.  Red and gold against black is very striking, so it had to be mine.  The hooking is perfect.  This was a design by quilter Barb Kemp who has passed, felt it fitting she get credit for the design.
Hey, ya notice the gold, red and black theme going here??  Told ya I loved gold black and red.
Now I need to make a decision on the border of Ned.  The bold gold above was my initial choice.  
Then looking on the shelf wondered if this gold would be better. Would love to hear your thoughts because now I'm confused.  I look at the darker gold and think that is it.  Then wonder if it is over powering the horse.  Me thinks me needs to sleep on it tonight and look again tomorrow.  Meanwhile I'll hook background.

OH!!!  A hooker friend of mine had cataract surgery on one eye two weeks ago.  She told me it was unbelievable how she sees color now because the colors were distorted before and now more true.  Tomorrow she is having her other eye surgery.  And an artist friend of mine had previously told me the same thing.  He said the colors were way different after surgery than what he saw before.

Hmmm, which makes me wonder what the hell I'm seeing and no wonder why my eyes are confused.  Do know that I qualify for surgery for the cataract in my left eye, am just hesitating doing that.  

Dear Colleen, Lillalotta and Elaine, I'd love to personally respond to your kind comments to me but you are all "NO-REPLY Bloggers".   There is a way to fix that; all you have to do is GOOGLE "How to Fix NO-REPLY Bloggers".  Meanwhile, just know that if I don't send you a personal message answering your questions that is the reason why.

Have a good evening.  It is steamy hot and humid here.  My plans for yard work the rest of the week is over.  Not submitting myself to such torture and possible health issues.  Hmm, sounds like another day of couch potato hooking.



  1. We are headed into the steamy stuff tomorrow it has been warm but dry. Love your new rug.

  2. how about mixed up scrappy golds? alone one seems too bright...one too drab...imho...love the rug!!! we're supposed to get the same sort of weather...guess I won't mind working, HA

  3. I bought a rug very similar to yours on eBay quite a few years ago. I guess I'll have to show it.
    Personally I like Kelley's idea of a gold mixture for the border or if you don't want to mix it up, I like the drab gold better.
    Steamy here too. I just wish it would rain.
    Happy hooking :)

  4. I like Kelley's suggestion, the dark is nicer but a bit bold so mixing them would be just right. Love your crow rug, nice design and colors.


  5. Love your crows!
    Love Ned too!
    No help on the color suggestion.
    Sure you will figure it out though!

  6. the two crow design is from quail hill designs and is labeled..."the

  7. Love ur crow mat!! And ur mat looking great, too,,, keep cool,,,,,

  8. Love your rug!! I am with Kelley, mix it up or use the drab gold!

  9. Hi Saundra,
    I also agree with Kelley! I think the brighter gold is wonderful but it draws my eye to the flower under NED first! The lighter seems to make things seem more dull, so a mix would do just the right amount of "POP" in my humble opinion! I know we all do see things differently so you will do what works best for you and it will be MARVELOUS!!! I love your crow rug too!!! Great treat for yourself!!
    Great idea to stay inside, keep cool, and HOOK!!!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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