Tuesday, April 3, 2018

More Hooked Rugs

Another Magdalena design I hooked was McCue Eagle.  It is at my front door for now, but when 1909 Horse is finished that might be my new 'greeter' rug.  The photo below was taken on the deck in natural lighting.
In one of the books in my hooking library I saw an antique rug with a stag so decided to adapt it to a chair pad.  The shape was intended for a particular antique rocker.
Then wanted to hook a larger rug using different colors for the stag.
In a class with Barb Carroll I hooked Brave Hunter, an antique adaptation and pattern offered by Woolley Fox.  You may find it interesting to note the original antique had a gun instead of an arrow in his hands.
Getting antsy to hook another Magdalena rug I pulled out linen and Sharpie and drew Magdalena's Dog and Crows.  The background is a mixture of various greens but mostly using my favorite High Meadow Green recipe from the Beautiful Wool dye book by Laurice Heath.
Always admiring E.S. Frost's designs drew up and hooked the Sheep design with Birds and Flowers.  I've sold several patterns of this design and have enjoyed seeing how others hooked it ~ here is my version.
The above rugs were hooked during 2010 but also participated in a challenge or two and hooked some purses.  I won't bother you with the small stuff.

In 2011 I hooked a couple Karen Kahle designs; one was Home Tweet Home which quickly sold at a show.
But before taking it to the show enjoyed it for a while.  Here it is on my harvest table with a homemade bird.
Another Karen Kahle design was Tea Cozy, which I still have.  I've thought about dismantling it and doing something else with it since I don't use it as a cozy and it didn't sell at the show.  But am not sure what I'd do with it in that curved shape.  Can't make a purse out of it because the design would be upside down with the roundness at the bottom.
This was the year of the Sincerely Jane Rug challenge held on Yahoo Rughookers.  Photos of participants' rugs are in an old issue of Rug Hooking Magazine.  
The reason the challenge was named "Sincerely" Jane is because there  is a book named "Dear Jane" written by Brenda Manges Papadakis.  Brenda documented her journey replicating the 1863 Jane Stickle quilt by writing letters to Jane as she did each block and joined them together.  It is a wonderful read and if you quilters don't have this book on your shelf, it should be.  Included are all the pattern pieces for the quilt.
It is a wonderful read and if you quilters don't have this book in your library, it should be.

Sincerely Jane was a project that could be put aside for a while to work on other things.  Knew the deadline and worked accordingly.  Was in the mood to hook a design I drew for Polly Minick, which was a small part of a larger design.  This is Boy and Dog Parade which was part of Polly's 4th of July design.
I was now ready to tackle scrolls, which until now I'd totally avoided.  There was only one teacher who I thought could help me do it right....yup, Barb Carroll.  I love how it turned out and it is hanging in the living room over my fireplace mantle.  I've sold a few patterns of this but must admit it is a bear to draw.
In the mood for a small fall fun mat it was time to hook Cat in a Shoe by Lori Brechlin; it is a design in one of her booklets.
It is time for lunch then back to hooking 1909 Horse.  FYI, today the droplets of rain in those two spots are still occurring; strange phenomenon for sure.  



  1. nice! re the tea cozy, how about a weighted doorstop?

  2. wow I am in complete awe!!!

  3. Bit late seeing these today,,, as our power was off ,,,, strong winds,, freezing rajn, now snow,,,
    Power back on, hope it stays,,,,
    Love these mats,,,
    Thanks for the show,,,,

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Every time I see your rugs I think that I find a favorite and want to hook it, but then see more and so it goes on and on!!! Just love them ALL!!! I do think my favorites are the Magdalena rugs and the Frost Sheep rugs!!! Love Margaret's idea about a door stop, too!!
    Wish I could send some of your 90 degree weather to those of you who are still having cold and rain!! Such extremes! Would love some rain and would be happy to share some sunshine!!!
    Hope you enjoy your hooking time today!
    Heart Hugs~


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