Monday, July 2, 2018

Stars and Diamonds Adaptation revisited

This has been the longest I've been absent from posting unless I was at a rug camp and couldn't post from iPad.  My usual excuse from lack of hooking is due to yard work.  This time it is a combination part yard work, 3 different doctor appointments, a day caring for a neighbor's dog, laundry and misc. administrative crap.

I thought after retiring my administrative duties were over.  Ha!  After retirement it becomes administrative duties for accruing doctors, making appointments, visiting those appointments, scheduling misc. home-ownership work to be done and balancing my check book again.  Anyway.....

Here is what Stars and Diamonds looks like now.  I drew mine to 21 x 43.  The yellow between the diamonds really isn't that orange.  And that white 'blip' below the second diamond is a loose end which hasn't been clipped yet.
My hooker and blogger friend Pam Gunn has hooked this design too.  Will eventually share her masterpiece with you.  I sometimes view her rug and check to see how she hooked a certain area.  Then remind myself I'm trying to replicate the antique using what I have.....not what she had.  

That said..... that sweet woman shared a piece of wool with me she used in her rug.  How very generous and unselflesh can a hooker be?

Here on the eastern shore "the heat is on".  It is in the upper 90's with high humidity making the 'feels like' over 100.  

Happy Monday, Saundra


  1. the heat is on here in Ohio you know I've had rugs on my lap finishing them...there is a stack of partially hooked rugs I'm ignoring...yours is looking are the master of reproducing antiques...

  2. I love your colors and how generous hookers are. I hope your health is good and you are staying cool. We are in that same heat but we are not set up for it so it is brutal.

  3. It's looking fabulous! It's been perfect here temperature wise but it supposed to turn hot Wednesday.

  4. Missed you!!
    Enjoy ur blog early in my day,,, it starts my day off!!
    Loving ur mat,,, so fun,,
    Lots to do,, this time of year!!
    And the heat!!! We have it in southern ontario,,, bit cooler this am,, hope the humidity stays away,,,
    We dont have air conditioning, ,,
    Have been hooking abit and punching under shade trees,,,, if there is breezes,
    And inside with fans,,,,
    Take care,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  5. Rug looks good!
    Hot in Ohio, too, but sounds like yours is even worse. So hard to do yard work, but slowly I am getting it done ~ only to have it time to start over again...sigh.
    Happy 4th to you :)


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