Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Antique Rugs Show

The description on this rug listed with Pook & Pook was said to be hooked early 20th century and measures 18 X 22.5.  
The hit and miss rug below takes some concentration to pick out the running deer from the rest of the randomly hooked strips.  Said to be hooked mid 20th century, measures 27 x 44.
A close up of a corner of the same rug.
I've seen several versions of this old design Dancing Rabbits rug before so am thinking it must have been a pattern sold via a Peddler wagon in the old days.
The Annie M. rug is quite colorful and maintained its color well for the age.  Always enjoy it when the auction houses show close ups or reverse side of the rug to see the textiles and true colors.

Notice there is a combination of wool, homespun and yarn.  The dimensions are 18 x 36.
A floral center with geometric border, 19th century from Maine.
Dainty flowers with stems in tree like formation.  Size is 24 X 34 circa 1930.
From the Williamsburg Folk Art Museum, notice the border consists of ears of corn.
When I first saw this hooked rug on the auction site was certain they had mislabeled the rug and should have been called a quilt with applique dogs.   
But when I clicked to enlarge the piece you can see it is definitely a hooked rug.    Being dated as a 1960's rug it doesn't qualify as an antique but thought it was worthy of posting.
Finally relief from the heat and humidity.  Severe thunderstorms were predicted last night because of the drastic temperature drop but thankfully that didn't happen in my neck of the woods.  Today is still rainy but tomorrow is supposed to be a very nice mild day.



  1. Wow ...the last rug is amazing ! Finally a break with the heat & humidity here too ….we got over 2" of rain ! Now to dry out & hopefully pulled weeds tomorrow !!!

  2. Great mats again!
    Wow,,,, that last one is a work of art,,, as are the others!!
    Amazing hit and miss ones,,,,
    Love the old ones for their character,,,,
    We have beautiful weather at moment!
    Cool nights and warm not humid in day!
    Hot weather coming back!
    Take care,,,

  3. I am just crazy for that whale rug! love the teeth and eyelashes!

  4. Love too many of these to choose a favorite. Thanks for showing details when available. Just a sputter of rain here yesterday. Sure could use some more.

  5. Such great rugs. Thanks for sharing. Janice


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