Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rugs With Words

Over the recent months I've admired a rug design hooked by various ladies.  Was definitely drawn to the colors and random words.  Am guessing the name of the design is "Warm Friendship".   Here are a few photos saved in my "Inspirations" file.  First one is hooked by Dawn Russell.
The one below hooked by Kathleen Marie.
Don't know who hooked the rug below and think it was the first one  saved in the "inspirations" file.  So if anyone knows who hooked it I will be happy to give credit.
While the idea of that design was intriguing and the random colors playful I didn't search for the designer or seller of the pattern.  Instead had my own ideas for a rug with words.  

Thought of just posting the first line of words tonight but then you'd know what the rest of the words would be immediately so showing you the whole design.
This way I'm getting the itch scratched with words & style but doing it my way.  This phrase had captured my attention for months, maybe years.  Even shared my passion to hook this wording with sweet Kelley a while ago.  So Kelley, it's finally coming to fruition.  And thanks to you gals who hooked the Warm Friendship rugs for the inspiration to get me motivated.

Still haven't finished Patriotic Pumpkins because this was next on my 'to do' list.  Not sure what will be my focus tonight as I'm torn.

Happy hooking, stay hydrated and inside with this oppressive heat.



  1. That is such an appropriate saying for a hooked rug - especially with the hit and miss background! That will be a fun one to hook:-)

  2. I love love love it! Good choice.

  3. You draw the bestest rugs to hook :)

  4. Have heard that sentiment all of my life, but unfortunately, have never been able to abide by it. Another great rug to use up your worms, though using them up is just a

  5. Can't wait to see how you hook this one !!!

  6. Very interesting!
    Thats going to be fun,,,
    You have great mats for inspiration,,,
    Hot , hot here, too,,
    And painters here today,,, outside at least!
    Take care,
    Keep cool,,,
    We dont have air conditioning, ,, fans are helping,,,,


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