Friday, July 26, 2019

Surrounding Myself With Joy

Once again I've come to the realization on how precious and short life is. So this week more rugs were hung in my computer room to surround myself with rugs which make me happy.

Here are some of those earthy colors I spoke of in the previous blog post.  Several Magdalena Briner Eby designs grace my walls, some antique adaptations I drew, some Woolley Fox and a couple not on the walls were purchased from Tonya Robey (under the footstool ad smal mat on the dough box w/legs. 

Even tho the two blue chairs had been vacuumed they still have the soiled look where my big boy Ben would sit/lay.
The wall to the left of this has previously been posted but will show it again in case there are new followers.  Haven't decided where to put the Cape May mat but do want to display it somewhere.  Maybe in another room.
The wall to  my right as I type has these two rugs hanging.
Other rugs displayed in this room have been posted before but to make the tour complete here is Shadow girl's Memorial rug hooked in #8.  That is Shadow's very worn collar and dog tag hanging above her.
Last but not least, another rug you've seen before is E.S. Frost's Sheep with Birds and Blooms adaptation which I drew and hooked.
There are still so many rugs rolled up; some get displayed on the harvest table or elsewhere when the urge hits me or during holidays.

Happy Friday everyone.



  1. Your rugs are stunning. Such talent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a wonderful room! Gorgeous rugs!

  3. What a wonderful room! Gorgeous rugs!

  4. Such a great display,,, where u see them everyday!
    Have a great weekend,,,,

  5. I love it!!! Now you can see those rugs everyday displayed.

  6. It is truly an inspiration to see so many of your rugs on display!!

  7. All of your rugs are just beautiful !!!!

  8. Hi Saundra,
    I was just happy looking at each picture, so thank you for sharing the joy with us!!
    How wonderful to be surrounded by so many pieces you hooked and that you love!
    What could be better?? Maybe a bigger wall???
    Take care and happy hooking, my friend~
    Julie xo

  9. Thanks for sharing. I came along on the hooking journey with so many of them. They look great hanging and making you smile.
    How do you hang them? I've used nails, those carpet tack strips and also Command strips, but I find those don't work very well. Do you have a better way?
    Life is fragile. Seize each and every moment.

  10. Love the joyful rug display you are surrounded with and shared with us. Thank you and if you can, please tell us how you hang your rugs. I have yet to hang one directly to a wall but do use antique or vintage clothes hangers to display rugs.


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