Monday, July 29, 2019

Do You Know.......

...the origin of the phrase which is the subject of my new rug?
It is a phrase used today mostly by quilters and rug hookers.  But I wanted to know more and this is only part of the information gleaned from my search.

      "Use it up... Wear it out... Make it do... Or do without" - what a great slogan! It was coined by the War Advertising Council during World War II to promote the dual need to conserve scarce resources and to help keep prices down by not generating excess demand. Most of us have seen videos or read articles about neighborhood materials collection efforts to round up old tires, scrap metal, glass, tools, electronics equipment, cloth and clothing, and many other items that could be recycled for used directly in the war effort...."

The Use It Up design measures 16 x 23 and is close to being finished.  One mat has already been bound and the Great Granddaughter Rug is almost all bound (taking my time with that one).    

And I've NO IDEA what the heck I'm going to hook next.  Have several patterns by other people but today none of them are calling my name.  Yet it makes sense to use a pattern already in my stash the drawing up something else.

Have a great evening and happy hooking, quilting or stitching ~ whatever floats your boat.



  1. Thanks for the bit of history on the origin of the saying. Your rug is looking fine. Janice

  2. I do believe in that philosophy..and your rug is great.

  3. I didn't realize it was from WWII. I thought it was from the depression ere - not too far off.

  4. Wow! You are a hooking machine,,,,,
    Its great!
    Love the saying,,,
    Keep cool,,,

  5. You are putting us all to shame. You are a crazy hookin' fool.
    Looks great!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    I have always loved that saying also thought it was from the depression, but it sure makes sense with the war effort!! It STILL proves true and is a wonderful reminder!! Your rug is looking great, too!! Yes, you certainly are a hooking machine!!! Take care and enjoy pulling those loops!!
    Have a great week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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