Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Patriotic Pumpkins

Or at least that is the name I've given it.  Actually it is a freebie generously given by Kelley Belfast thru Out of Hand Rughooking Group a couple weeks ago.  As she didn't give it a name thought I'd give this great design a name of Patriotic Pumpkins.  

I've hooked, ripped out and re-hooked that big pumpkin so many times was afraid of weakening the linen.  So will leave it for now and decide later what to do.
Okay, okay.....here was my initial color plan thought ~ ~  I wanted white pumpkins in the flag as Kelley designed to represent the stars in the flag.  SO, thought the big pumpkin could be some sort of hybrid white/orange pumpkin.  

Therein was my problem.  How to make a pumpkin look white and orange.  Me thinks that once I get the flag going the rest will be a 'piece of cake'....right?

If not, maybe I'll change the big pumpkin to all white....OR...hook the big pumpkin to orange and change the pumpkins in the flag to stars?  Think I'll sleep on it tonight.

Have a great evening.




  1. That is a fun pattern I would not take it out until I do the flag.

  2. Its great!
    Love it,,,
    Not started mine yet,,,,
    Hopefully by the weekend!
    We have had some renos kn going,, and been busy,,,
    When the guys say they can come,,,, everything else is on hold!
    Thanks for sharing,,,,

  3. Hi Saundra,
    Sometimes "sleeping on it" is the very best thing and I'm sure the plan will all come together beautifully, as it always does!! Love the white pumpkin idea as it goes with the theme of the piece!!
    Hope you have a great week and that leg is healing nicely!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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