Sunday, February 28, 2021

Still Going Strong

The Challenge Group is still active with new finishes coming in and some folks deciding to do another.  This is Chris' Tulip.  She said this was such fun because she's never been to a rug camp and loved the comradery of  group participation and communication.
Margaret finished challenge #2 with the Tulip.  If you recall she already completed Magdalena's Pup.
Rhonda has made some progress on her Tattered Tulip and has only  background to do so she is on the home stretch.
Joan finished her Tulip and says she will do another since the blue in someone's piece caught her fancy.  You go girl!
Maria added her special touch to make this pup her star canine.  I like stars too Maria and crescent moons particularly in love with that overdyed t-shirt. 
I think Magdalena would approve as well.
Maria shared something special and one I plan to take advantage of if I can find that random olive drab shirt of my ex.  Unless I gave it to the thrift shop eons ago.  Oh I hope I didn't.   She overdyed one of her hubby's t-shirts in a black RIT dye bath.  Said not to worry it wasn't one of his good ones, this was in the thrift shop pile.  She used some of this in her Magdalena Pup challenge.
Guess what I found!!!!!!  Yup, it's here and I'm going to use some of it in black RIT dye and save some for another time in another dye bath.  Thanks Maria!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the challenge; Sue, Sheila and Donna, do you need any help or have any questions?  

Happy Hooking.



  1. so fun and no I didn't think to dye any of my fibers.
    Good for the the ones doing more than one challenge I could barely get through the one.

  2. These are so good!!!great tulips and puppy mat,,,,everyone doing such great work,,,So fun,,,

  3. Wow! I am so impressed with all of these...such great work and creativity of the fabric used.

  4. These are all great !!! Darn ,I was at Walmart this am & forgot to buy stockings !!! Love the olive drab shirt too ! Maria's rug looks wonderful too ! Lots of fun seeing everyone's creativity !!!

  5. WOW! So many wonderful projects. I can't believe Margaret finished #2. What a hooker! Maria's pup is off to a great start.

  6. Everyone’s projects are looking good! So many neat ideas, it’s amazing what can be found around our houses when we think out of the box. I just cut up some old T-shirts to have for future projects. And now Maria gives us the idea to dye them! So many ideas, so little time!

  7. Each is unique. A fun challenge to follow.

  8. More fun projects....what amazes me is the wealth of creativity everyone managed both in fabrics and interpretation. And hmmmm, Saundra is dying a tshirt.... Well, your swearing off of alternative mediums didn't last long LOL. ;-) ~Robin~


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