Sunday, June 27, 2021

A Different Kind of Post (with Addendums)

I don't do cross stitch but in my past I did some crewel and embroidery.  No way I'd ever do counted cross stitch because that would drive me insane me thinks.  I would like to show you a project which Donna is working on which inspired her to purchase the antique adaptation of the 
E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds rug pattern.  

Donna is also a rug hooker and wanted to hook the rug to have in the same room where her stitchery would be.  This is the stitchery design offered by The Goode Huswife and I'd say she did a dang good job depicting the design of the hooked rug.
Thanks for the picture Donna and it allows me one more day to delay showing progress (or lack of) on my Ox Farm design.  She did say this pattern is out of print and could sometimes be seen on eBay for an inflated price.

This is the original antique E.S. Frost Sheep rug.
And here is my hooked version without the fringe.
Happy hooking, stitching, quilting, or whatever floats your boat.



  1. I learned to do counted cross-stitch when I was in college. I woke hours before my roommates and had to do something to stay quiet (too early to study). Beautiful piece as you know I like sheep:-)

  2. My gramma B taught me cross stitch when I was a teen. I started with the printed X's on the fabric and then graduated to Aida fabric. I actually have been doing a few Halloween cross stitch pillows currently. Such a sweet sheep! Janice

  3. I use to cross stitch but my eyes just can not do it any more.

  4. Last summer it was too warm to hook. For the first time in 20 years I picked up my cross stitch and produced four pieces. It was fun to have a small hand piece on the go!

  5. That will make for a charming pair. Too bad the pattern is OOP or I just might get suckered in.

  6. My old eyes can't cross stitch anymore either .... Lori , from Not Forgotten Farm has the cutes patterns & it just tortures me that I can't do that anymore .
    Oh all these neat Sheep rugs are Beautiful !!!!

    Too freaking Hot to hook or weed or do a thing outside ! Or even inside with the air on , its so humid ...UGH

  7. I did some cross stitch a while back before rug hooking.I love to cross stitch but I know I really don't have spare time anymore but it still tempt me now and then to pick it up again, since I got my new pair of glasses but I need to retire from my retirement first. I just don't seem to have any spare time at all lately. I must be getting so darn slow, it takes me for ever to get any thing done lately...

  8. I have always loved the ES Frost sheep design...and it tempts me so....but I have some thing unfinished that will need attending to long before I give in. The cross stitch is sweet as well - they will make great companion pieces. (Addendums? I don't see addendums??) ~Robin~

  9. Love the cross stitch, but do not enjoy cross stitching other than samplers.
    Maybe some day I will get around to hooking him...if I live that long.


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