Friday, June 4, 2021

Misc. Chit Chat

The first few paragraphs might be boring but if you get thru those there is fun at the end.

I've been rather lucky to have an 18 year old vehicle (2003 Chrysler Towne & Country van) which has been very good to me over the years ~ until recently.  Last September I heard a strange noise in the van and asked a male neighbor what it sounded like.  He also previously owned the same year and model van and said it sounded like the water pump was going bad.  Sure enough the auto repair shop confirmed it.   Had a new serpentine belt, drained and put in new antifreeze $386.78

In March  I needed an oil change and mentioned a leak.  I had a gasket leak and the engine was completely covered in an oily mess.  Replacing the manifold gasket set, valve cover gasket, dye to follow a future leak, fluids and labor ended up costing $924.39. 

Last week when it got really hot I turned on the van's A/C... well, you guessed it, no A/C.  So today's cost for repair of the "high side fitting", evac of old Freon, new charged system plus A/C leak detection dye cost plus labor was $267.63.

I asked them to look over the entire maintenance schedule and tell me what needed to be done to extend the life of my transportation.   Upon inspection the spark plugs and wires appeared to be original parts so to take care of that will be $262.79.   But a new transmission fluid and filter was recommend also to the tune of $198.75.  That is far less than a new transmission would cost so both of those will be done the end of this month.  Frankly it has been years since putting the van in the shop other than an occasional new battery and new tires.  And it sure beats the cost of a new car.

Yesterday I finally printed out 6 rug labels which included some rugs hooked in 2020.  Yup, I'm way behind on that front.  Here is one I have attached so far but have more to stitch on.
What are you plans for those face masks we were wearing ~ or maybe you're still wearing them.  I'm not wearing them in the stores or anywhere.  I've been vaccinated and love the feeling of normalcy.  On a whim one day I purchased a pair of knit masks at Walmart; I made some but also purchased some better ones with a vent.  Today I had a funny idea on how to use those old masks.  So here comes a selfie, sans face.  What about a bikini top 😂😂😂 ?  Sorry but haven't an idea on what to do for the bottom yet.

Happy Friday, happy hooking.



  1. Hi Saundra, thanks for your kind words. Life can throw us some curve balls sometimes when we least expect it. All we can do is pick ourselves up and keep going.

    I think your car has been very good to you but like us, when we age, we need repairs, lol. I hope that it will last you a few more years al least. Getting parts for older models can be costly as well as newer models.

    You did a professional job on your big boy Ben. I've seem to have stalled on hooking rugs and find it hard to get everything done that need done even now that I'm retired.

    Take care,

  2. It sounds like you have an honest mechanic and for that you must be thankful!
    You got off cheap with your A/C repair. My last two vehicles had A/C that no longer worked and it was hundreds more than you paid to fix it and I declined to have it repaired and sold one of them and traded in the other. The one I traded in had something else going on. It could have broken down the next day or not for years, but I was not willing to take the risk and it was a very costly repair.
    Looks like you may need to shorten those straps a bit or your boobs will end up under the arms :-) Perhaps a thong for the bottom???

  3. So glad you were able to have your van fixed from someone reputable. LOL on the mask bikini top. Maybe you might have started a new fad! Janice

  4. OH now that is funny!
    On your car, I read something several years back that I wish I had heard earlier in my life: if the repair cost more than half the value of the vehicle, it's time to trade it in. I thought that was at least a good gage.

  5. Bummer on the car repairs, but OTOH, they were reasonable cost. Lots of reasonable repairs still add up so fast though. And now you know some things to be done that *should* keep it going a while, hopefully. And at least it didn't leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere on the first day of a vacation.

    Even though I'm finally vaccinated and past the 2 week wait time, I still carry a mask with me. Better to be prepared if I end up in a way too crowded place or if a business owner is still requesting them worn. I definitely do not carry it the way you have shown though.

  6. LOL ....Love your idea for our old face masks !!!!! That is just too funny !!! The laugh of the day !!!

    Wow , you sure have been whalloped with car repairs ! OUCH !!! Buying a car now just isn't good timing , hope you car lasts another 12 years all this work !!!

  7. Lol love the face mask idea. I know repairs are costly but car payments are too! I prefer to keep the old and patch for awhile. I have to still wear a mask at work and I do when I go in stores not that I do much anyway,to many vacationers around not sure I trust them.

  8. Well???? I don't think masks came in my cup size, so count me out. But I had the same thought as Sissy....unless your boobs are someplace mine are not LOL. I understand wanting to repair vs. purchase new and I do think your repairs were very reasonable. I have had the a/c go out on several vehicles and paid a LOT of money for it to be repaired each time and it only lasted for a few months and was out again. It also went out in my last vehicle (a Toyota 4-runner). I was very attached to that vehicle and had it 16 years. My son, a mechanic, said it was a the age when it would need quite a bit of work, so I broke down and got a different one. I couldn't part with my 4-runner, though, so gave it to my son. He had the a/c fixed within a week. Little snot. ~Robin~


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