Saturday, June 19, 2021

Magdalena Briner Eby Rugs I've Hooked

Friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) did a blog post and mentioned me and the Magdalena rugs she is going to show at some venue.  While I might have hooked more Magdalena rugs than her (not sure about that tho) there are many more Magdalena's which I've not yet hooked.

Thought I'd post those Magdalena rugs here now in case there is someone out there who hasn't seen them on my blog yet.  I believe the first one was Domestic Zoo which was hooked 2009.  According to the booklet out on Magdalena, there is some controversy as to whether it really was designed by Magdalena.  Yet there is no other 1800's hooker given credit for it.
The following year (2010) I hooked Magdalena's Dog and Crows.  This is a flash photo which does not represent the true colors of the rug.
Moving right along in the year of 2010 I also hooked McCue Eagle which presently resides at my front door.  It pleases me to see that beauty each day I walk thru the door to go for my walk.  Again the blinking flash destroys the true colors ~ it is not that bright.
Magdalena's Dog was hooked in 2012 at home without a teacher, it is a smallish design so was a piece of cake.
Lollipop Bouquet was hooked in 2013 without a teacher ~ well Magdalena's color plan WAS my teacher and used the wool I had.  Honestly I was hesitating doing this piece because there are 66 circles.  YES, I counted them.  But this rug was the most fun and so many colors can be pulled from your worm (noodle) baggies.
In 2014 Magdalena's Farm was hooked in a Barb Carroll class, which is always a delight.  And as always was happy with my rug after her color planning.   
Also in 2014 I hooked the Folkart Horse in a smaller size.
Wow, I was on a Magdalena frenzy in 2014 as I also hooked Olde Ducks.
Harvey's Magdalena was a fun piece to hook and was hooked 2015.
It is among the rugs hanging on the wall in this computer room as well as some others.
In 2017 while perusing some of the auction sites I saw a rug listed and knew immediately it was the missing and undiscovered Magdalena Goat rug the family had spoken of (according to Evelyn).  I immediately emailed my friend Evelyn, sent her the link and it was confirmed to be an authentic Magdalena.  Hell, all it took was a quick look at the rug itself to know who originally hooked it.  So this is the Magdalena Goat and I was the first to offer the pattern and hook it in the original size ~ Evelyn also hooked it.
Some months later I hooked it again in different colors and a smaller size and sold the larger rug.  Per usual the real appearance of this brown goat is NOT that bright.
In 2019 I decided since one Lollipop Bouquet was fun, two would be double the fun.  Again, the flash distorts the color and my rug is NOT this bright and white.  So I hooked the Great Granddaughter's Rug, which until it was donated was in the possession of THE Great Granddaughter of Magdalena.
Here is a photo of the great granddaughter Ellen Jacobs donating the rug to the Historical Society of Perry County, PA. 
And then another allusive Magdalena rug (of which I'm sure there are more than the goat and this) pokes its face.  I hooked Lititz Hens in 2019 and it is in front of my sink so get to enjoy it every day.  Once again those colors are not white, it is the flash.
Sheesh, it's been since 2019 that I've hooked a Magdalena rug???  Perhaps that is what should be on my frame next as there are so many more to hook.   
If you want to learn more about Magdalena Briner Eby you can buy her booklet .  I don't sell the booklet but am sure you can find it on Amazon.
However I do sell the patterns.  And while not all of them are listed on my web site I've probably drawn them for others in various sizes.  So contact me if there is a Magdalena rug you desire.



  1. I guess you do have more hooked than Lauren. All just wonderful!!! Janice

  2. I can't believe it's been 4 years since you found/hooked the goat rugs.
    Your MBE rugs are truly wonderful!!!

  3. So many incredible rugs.... I'm not going to arbitrate who hooked the most Magdelena rugs in the "family" but can certainly say it ain't me as I have hooked nary a one. I think my very favorites are the Domestic Zoo and Lilitz Hens.... ~Robin~

  4. Oh my, these are beautiful, beautiful!!!

  5. The lollipop tree interests me maybe some day I have a lot on my plate right now.
    love your rugs as always. such a wonderful tribute to her.

  6. These are all just Beautiful !!!!

  7. My favorite one is the Domestic Zoo. For some reason, I've always like that rug and it reminds me of the garden of Eden without Adam and Eve.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Magdalena certainly had her own style. The goats always make me smile. Those horns always look like long floppy ears, flapping in the breeze, that a basset hound would howl in envy over.

  9. Amazing to see them all in one post - didn't realize how many you had hooked. Also, lets us really see the similarity and consistency of style.


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