Friday, June 25, 2021

Change of Plans

Plan was to do a "flashback Friday" post of a Cape May rug camp.   But time got away from me and I'm too tired to focus.  But didn't want to go more than 2 days again before doing a blog post.  So am sure you won't be disappointed that I'm doing an antique rug show.  

First one denotes a Canadian influence with Lion, beavers, birds and was hooked between 1875-1900.
The Kittens rug could be really sweet if the background were lighter and kittens more the main attraction.  Measures 16 x 24 and said to be hooked late 19th or early 20th  century.
Quaker style woman hooked with various textiles measures 15 x 16.  Provenance is Downingtown, PA  and hooked around 1900.  Isn't that shape surrounding the woman known as a 'keystone'?
Peacocks measuring 22.5 x 34.5 but no date provided.  There was one time when I was tempted to hook a peacock rug (not this one) and changed my mind at the last minute.  They are beautiful feathered birds but as a hooked rug I think of them as ornate and displayed in a luxurious setting with cushioned lounges and servants.  None of which exists here.
Now we're talking .....a primitive Black Dog with Red collar hooked late 19th century measures 31 x 40.
I love this Horse with flowers and horseshoe.  It was hooked late 19th century, from a Virginia estate.  It measures 50 x 75 and sold for $8,190.  Also love those very primitive flowers.
A nice colorful rectangular rug with fans in corners, hooked late 19th early 20th century.  From the collection of Dan Wagoner, the rug measures 27 x 39.5  I previously posted antique rugs by the same collector and wrote about him.  You can see that posting HERE.  So for newbie readers you're getting two rug shows for the price of one 😊.
Well guys and gals I'm running out of steam so will sign off for now.  I've awakened in the middle of the night the last two nights thinking about all the things which need to be done here.  So am feeling sleep deprived.  Plus I washed a few windows outside today after grocery shopping and delivering a rug pattern to a local gal named Donna.  Frankly I didn't know there was someone so close to me who was a hooker.  Happy Hooking Donna and thanks for allowing me to draw your pattern.



  1. That last rug just caught my attention as it resembles something else I recently read. A wagon wheel shape with a “hole” in the center placed low in/about the house was to ward off witches. So maybe???

  2. The black dog is my favorite with the Wagoner owned rug a close second.

  3. I started a similar version of the lion several years ago in class and haven't pulled a loop on it since. I like the pattern, but the teacher insisted I hook it antigodlin style which I really do not enjoy, especially on such a large piece.
    I do like the horse and the dog!

  4. The Horse and Flowers sold for $8,000 !!!!! Hooking Peacocks would be a huge challenge & I like your description of the house it should be in !!! LOL !!! Love the Dog rug !!!

  5. Hands down favorite:......[wait for it.......]..... That magnificent horse!!! Every stinking one of its 75"!!! ~Robin~

  6. The horse is definitely my favorite and they hooked a horse shoe for good luck.
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. The lion is my favorite. Thanks for sharing! Janice


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