Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Designing by the Seat of my Pants

That is IF you could call this 'designing' ~ wishful thinking on my part.  Anyhoo.....friend Robin asked me if I was going to show the wood carving of my inspiration.  Wrote to tell her it would be on my next post but sent her a picture of it privately and suggested that perhaps I should put in both oxen.  
Before I left the house this morning to run errands and get shorn impetuous me quickly drew the single enlarged oxen.  Big mistake because when I returned at lunch time she'd commented saying "yes two oxen and both dogs in black to represent my Rotties".  Robin, the background is black so the dog won't be black, sorry.

So back to the drawing board to draw the second ox but not enlarged.  So no your eyesight isn't going bad I'm slowing driving you crazy with my drawing.
Since lunch and the 're-draw' I've scrambled to pull worms, hook a little, rip out and hook a little to give you something to see.
The ear color is way wrong and I'm trying to convince myself this is PRIMITIVE and NOT realistic, to chill and just hook for goodness sake just hook.  This is not a musk ox which are real hairy and dark colored.  But learned that ox can be anywhere from almost white and grey to caramel colored.  Here is one photo I saved as the inspiration.
So now  my attempt at designing means everything else I drew needs to be repositioned or deleted.  Now I'm thinking the Thin Blue Line is looking more inviting to deal with that this attempt at designing.



  1. Now I get it. The man has a whip in his hand. You are braver than me to draw right on the backing as you plan. I always roughly sketch on paper first then draw on paper, then use paper cutouts and move them about until I'm satisfied of the placement. I'm not great at drawing.


  2. Oh woman!! How could you possibly listen to me when it comes to rug hooking??!! Foolish you...What the heck do I know??? I just really love the inspiration piece so I would have gone very naively simple like that. And besides, it is MY job to completely overthink things (a job I do very well by the way), not yours. I'll just leave it at that...but please don't give up on this....it has so much promise no matter what you end up doing. And, if after you finish you wish you had done something differently, just hook a "2.0 version"... ~et~

  3. Thin blue line- you crack me up. So oxen like horses were possessions of pride. To have a matching pair like a team of horses was "the bomb-digity". The picture you showed at the bottom is a stunning pair. So see, I do still love it. . .even more:-)
    Oh, and an ox is really just a mature steer so yep any color cattle are.

  4. It is all a process but boy you will have one wonderful rug after!

  5. Oh my goodness you have been busy !!! The Ox is looking really good to me !!! This will be another wonderful rug !!! Just hope you don't put it away & forget it !!! Hope hooking a little on the Blue Line will be more relaxing !!!

  6. I'm sure you will eventually figure it all out :-)


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