Tuesday, June 29, 2021


It isn't a lot to show but it's something.  The two oxen have been hooked and now need to survey the situation and decide what to do next.  Wondering what farm animal or inanimate to draw in where.  I was quite hasty drawing in a single larger ox previously and changed my mind.  Then I went back to the original smaller size but making it a double Ox.  Sure don't want to jump the gun this time so need to sleep on it tonight.
Okay, okay, I'm sure everyone is looking and thinking..."where are the brown Ox's back legs and tail???"  Take a look at my inspiration for the piece below.  It is a given that the hind legs and tail of the ox in the back are hidden by the one in front.  Besides, it is a primitive piece and extra loops would only confuse the viewer, not to mention the hell it would give the hooker 😬.
Meanwhile I'll pull a few loops on the background of The Thin Blue Line Flag.  It's getting close to being all hooked and then I'll have 3 rugs to bind.  However, my van service appointment has been moved to July 20th so can hold them until then.  But could be I'll end up doing some binding tasks before then.

Yesterday I worked outside for over 1 1/2 hours trimming limbs, pulling weeds and was a sweaty mess as I came in around lunch time.  Today was even more oppressive and all I did was drop off items to the thrift shop and go to the grocery store.  When I returned home looked at the thermostat and the outside temperature was 96 degrees and heard on the news this morning the dew point would be in the 76 but can't remember the humidity count.  

I'm sure my age has a little to do with  today's uncomfort  but the heat, humidity and air quality is also part of the problem.  Today was a warning to me about working outside in the heat ~ I'm not 39 anymore; but wish I was.  



  1. You did a terrific job hooking the oxen.
    One van appointment. Three rugs to bind. Uh, I do think you need to do some binding before then.
    I have been trying to work outside for 1+ hours every day. Today was a real killer...and another 2 shower day. I have a small yard and it is even hard to keep up with that. If I didn't have so many perennials...and if I didn't keep digging up and moving them. Still have more I need to dig and give away.

  2. I hate the heat I try to get out early from an hour but if not it is not going to happen in the heat of the day. I hate this heat we were 89 both days and humid. Come on Fall!!! No air conditioning so no pulling loops which makes me very sad

  3. The oxen are looking good. In the vintage/antique rugs you've shown, realism frequently wasn't a serious consideration it seems. Chickens bigger than house or barn, goats with horns that look like basset hound ears, etc. I'd say you're in good company.

    Take care out in that nasty hot humid weather. Some days, saying heck with it is the best thing to do. But I will say spending time out in it gives me serious appreciation for those who have to stay out there doing manual labor.

  4. You did a great job on the pair of Ox. I worked up a sweat working in the potato garden yesterday and after lunch, I mowed the front lawn. I took a brake and came back out to mow the back, I put gas in the mower and it refused to start so I took it as a sign that I had done enough in the heat and came in. I'm not going to argue. Today is raining so the back lawn is still waiting. Usually one pull and it starts easily. Hopefully the rain will cool things down.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. I love this rug, and I love the oxen. I do enjoy seeing your rugs and watching as they become works of art.
    Working outside in that kind of humidity is just no fun.
    But all of the nice work you got finished will be so nice to look at. I need to dead head my flowers, but as of yet, I am still staring at them.
    Have a lovely day.

  6. Really like what you’ve done with the oxen. I find the humidity bothers me more than the heat. It isn’t as hot down here, but my gosh, the humidity. Have a good weekend.

  7. I am sick of the heat & humidity .... We got a big storm late yesterday , but it is still stinking hot & humid !! Was nice not to water anything today . Tomorrow is suppose to be more comfortable , sure hope so !!!Lots of weeds to pull & branches to pick up !

  8. I dont think its your age. It is hot and humid here too in Michigan with storms each day hear since Friday. UGH Love your oxen and I knew the back legs were hidden by the one. An old drawing trick. Janice

  9. Rug is looking wonderful! I like the colors you chose for them.

  10. I agree with Sissy...you did an amazing job with those oxen....You dang well better not even TOY with the idea of redoing them. Is that one color of wool in each or a mix?? We are in an atypical monsoon pattern here in Nod (atypical for this time of year)...and I have visions of your backyard swamp. We are getting about 3" of rain each day...and have for the past week. The sump pump is not keeping up. :-( Makes for a cranker-than-usual crow. ~Robin~

  11. Newburyarts...
    Well...in looking at your current drawing, some possibilites would be...
    Below the tree, move the duck in front of the oxen to that space and make a bit bigger.
    Move the dog a bit further to the left and increase the size.
    The chickens in the right corner...add another above the one farthest to the right of the pattern and add some eggs under the larger one on the left. In a random form just two or three.
    Remember...too much "negative" space leaves the eye wanting more. The charm of a primitive is that there isn't much background. And...if it is boring to hook, it will be boring to look at. These are things I constantly view when drawing a design...and sometimes don't see the need for change until I have put it onto the backing.
    Good luck!

  12. One more thing to what I just posted...
    Draw it out on paper first to get a sense of the overall effect.

  13. Looked again...
    Perhaps the little wagon up below the tree and the goose by the other poultry.


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