Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Like Putting a Puzzle Together

I love antique rugs because of their seasoned wear and stories they could tell.  Replicating them, to me, is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  Presently I'm working on the antique adaptation named Potted Plant and no, it's still not finished.  Here is what it looks like now.
And these are the puzzle pieces I'm selecting from.  Yeah, I know, it looks like a pile of mess but using the worms makes it look more aged.
This morning while making coffee I noticed something big on my shed roof.  It was bigger than a bird and bigger than a squirrel.  So went to look out my bedroom window and noticed it was a pair of Bald Eagles.  WOW!!!  I've seen lone eagles fly above the meadow area while walking but never in my yard.  Since there were two I'm wondering if they have a  nest nearby.  

Sorry the photo is so poor but it was being taken with a digital camera thru a window and a couple screens and of course as life would have it, with the wrong setting.  Was afraid to go outside to get a better photo because I just knew they would fly away.
It is hot hot hot and humid for the 4th day in a row.  Supposedly there may be a thunderstorm later this afternoon so perhaps that will cool things down.  Sure hope lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place again.



  1. 94 here in Atlantic Canada but heat index is 104! Unreal! Many many homes don’t bother getting ac so it’s not great. Your rug is looking good! Two bald eagles, wow!

  2. How cool to have eagles. We see ours in the Winter when they move to our river. Loving your adaptation of this rug. Janice

  3. We are very hot and humid too! I hate it and we do not have air conditioning we have one room unit but do not have it in. I think it is going in my hooking room. My husband hates air conditioning I have to agree it dries everything out.
    Wow those eagles are amazing! we have a couple of pairs on the lake here but never seen one here. Lucky you

  4. Love how your Potted Plant looks ....Wow , amazing to see 2 Bald Eagles together on your roof !!!!
    We are on day 5 of heat & awful humidity ....tomorrow should be much more comfortable . We have had some torrential downpours too . Even with all that rain , I still have to water plants on my deck , the sun is so strong.
    Can't wait to turn off the air & open windows !!!

  5. Ahhhh....cool that the eagles paid a visit. I wonder how mine are doing and whether there are any babies this year. I miss them. Unbearably (and uncharacteristically) hot here as well. We had high winds, wicked lightening, and thunder last night, but only like 10 drops of rain that I may very well have imagined. It's been a crazy year weather wise. Holy worms.... Do you sort them byy cut or color or both? ~Robin~

  6. It's been hot and humid here too. Way too hot for June. I hope it cools down soon.

    We are lucky to have a pair of eagles near our barn. They nest in a tall pine tree in the Lane... I hope yours stick around and built a nest near by.

    That's quite a complicated puzzle and a lot of worms.

    Take care.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. How exciting to have eagles on the roof!!! Love your little rug. It really looks good.


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