Monday, June 21, 2021


As mentioned before I keep photos on a flash drive including photos of my rugs, antique rugs, and items which inspire me.  For a couple years I've had a photo of a wood carving which sparked a rug design for me.  Numerous times I started doing sketches for templates only to feel defeated so would choose something else to hook.  

Several times I almost purchased an adorable paper pattern from Winter Cottage Studio and it was only $14 for heaven's sake.  It wasn't the problem with the money, it was the fact I wanted MY wood carving inspired rug but also a farm theme.  This time I came close to buying her adorable pattern and that is when my courage rose up over defeat and decided to go for broke.

Already I can see things need changing before continuing ~ but at least it is on linen now and not just paper pieces floating around.  I want to enlarge the animals and the wagon and perhaps even reposition them.  Which means another color Sharpie will be required, more drawing before I can continue.  But as said least it is on linen now.
I'll wait until more is hooked before deciding on a name but the two at present are 'Gentleman Farmer' and 'Ox Farm'. That is IF this pattern advances beyond today or if it is put in the UFO pile of unforgotten objects.



  1. I do like the colors you chose so far. Hope you continue with it. Janice

  2. I love your start Saundra!! And I'm liking "Ox Farm" for the name. Are you going to share the wood carving that was your inspiration with us?? ~Robin~

  3. Your pattern reminds me of the kids book called “Ox Cart Man.” Loving the pattern and progress so far !

  4. I agree with kcmrugs ....I have the book , Ox Cart Man , too ! One of my grand daughters loves it . I hope you can continue hooking this pattern ! I really like how it looks so far !!!

  5. OOOooohhh, please don't put it in the UFO pile! I love it! (Yea, I know I say that a lot here.)

  6. That's going to be a fun rug, but you always hook such wonderful rugs.
    Terri has so many great patterns. I have hooked several and have many more of the paper patterns. Plus she is just as sweet as can be ;-)

  7. That looks like a fun rug. Is that a young boy with a fishing rod? It kind of reminded me of my Childhood Memories rug I did way back with me sitting on a rock fishing rainbow trout in the little brook, and I also had farm animals in there too. It was a fun rug to hook.
    Hugs, Julia


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