Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Where Has Time Gone??

Cannot believe it is June 2nd already and have very little hooking accomplished to show for my time.  I've truly not been a couch potato but life has gotten in the way as most of you can relate to.  

OH!!!!!  I know what took up a lot of my time!!!  My serger.  I had an order for a pattern and the serger thread broke.  It was a bitch of a time over 3 days to get it to work.  I'd rethread it, try to sew and it wouldn't work.  This went on for 3 days and each day after I'd had enough I'd stop, cool down and decide to try again the next day before tossing the serger in the trash.  Finally got it working until the next time.

Since there were a few quite chilly days I made a big pot of vegetable soup which I'm still enjoying and even froze some.  I've been trimming limbs, pulling weeds, and sadly the yard doesn't look like it has been touched.   Oh well, there's always after the next two days of rain to get back to it.

Now on to fun stuff ~  I did draw out a small pattern to put on the wall next to me and it is an antique adaptation I've named Potted Plant.  And this is the little bit I've  managed to hook.  What makes it seem even worse, the pattern I drew for the spot only measures 10 x 20.   Okay, I heard someone snicker out there 😊.  But since it is going to rain tomorrow am hoping to get more hooked on this small piece.
In case you're wondering, I'm still working on the Canton part of the Thin Blue Line Flag to and will post it when the last loop has been pulled.

It feels so good to get back to a new normal, or what I remember as being normal over a year ago.  I can go to the store without a mask, I'm chatting with friends, HUGGING my family and even anticipating the Cape May Rugs by the Sea rug camp.  Sure hope that happens this year.



  1. Well, at least it's a start, which is more than I can say. It seems I am paralyzed - I don't know how it turns out this way, but I have finished my hooking project (13 Stars), the stitching project I was endlessly frogging (Centennial Eagles) and my book all at the same time....and now I just don't know where to go. I finally decided last night to finish punching a design I started before WWR but, after much searching and puzzling, cannot remember where I stashed the pattern or the floss. Grrr. Tomorrow's another day...maybe I will figure something out then. But at least for tonight Iwill have to figure out a new read or I will be pacing the floors all night. ~et~

  2. Love the start of ur potted plant,,,
    You have been very busy!
    My hooking mojo been gone awhile and have been knitting alot,,,
    Outsidecwork till its too hot!
    You are way ahead of us there in the states,,,,
    Just had our first shot in april,,, still in lockdown since april 8!!
    Our cases have dropped and in 2 weeks things will open , like retail and restaurants,,, still masks here!!
    Going to meet up at local park with 4 hooking friends on friday,, so hoping my hooking mojo comes back now and can get a few mats finished,,,,

  3. It was me you heard snickering!!!
    Entering a building without a mask is HEAVEN ;-)

  4. I haven't pulled a loop in weeks either & trying to keep ahead of the weeds has been an effort too ....My daughter-in-law had surgery 3 weeks ago , she can't pick up her 2 year old twins for another week or 3 , so they have been sleeping here every night . I am exhausted ....want to loose weight ???? I will loan them to you !!! LOL !!!
    It is Wonderful to Not were a mask in the stores ! Thought it would take me a while to feel comfortable , But its Great !!!

  5. I have not hooked in a month, so your little bit is an accomplishment to mine. It was so nice to take my mom out for Mother's Day with all of my siblings. We have not been in the same room for 15 months and it was a perfect day! Janice

  6. I have not hooked much it has been a very busy spring with gardening. I love your new pattern. Most stores here are going to the CDC guidelines I still wear a mask with most of everyone else. I really liked not getting a cold or the stomach bug for a year! And because I work with handicapped adults they still require masks. But is sure is nice to hug family and friends.

  7. Everyone needs hugs! There are still quite a few fearful folks around here, but I don't know them so haven't tried hugging them (haha). It is nice to see smiles as things loosen a little.


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