Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Once More With Feeling

 Am getting close to the critical stage of needing a new pattern to hook.  I've looked thru my antique rug photos but nothing really made my  heart skip a beat.  I've said before that I'm a fickle hooker and numerous times was hot to trot on a certain rug and within seconds changed my mind.

Well, I'm re-thinking a pattern I once planned to design and even enlarged some motifs only to shut it down faster than the idea developed.  So will go back and try again with more feeling this time and see what happens.  Right now it is the only idea which has me interested ~ uh, at this moment 😏.

Don't want to spill the beans on which one but here are a few recent thoughts I had.  The chicken with hearts in the corner is something I recently drew up for someone else.   
I had the idea of hooking the Ram's head and scarf which was on the wall at Woolly Cabin.  
Sorry for the poor photo but this is what I cropped from the photo above.
In the mix of papers is also an adaptation by Carole Weatherman of the antique rug Mouser (Wool Works magazine) which I think would be fun.  Plus there are a couple other ideas rolling around in my cranium but need more motifs to complete the idea.

Today I shipped off a pattern of Potted Plant to someone.  Meanwhile my grass needs to be cut again and I've some unruly tree limbs which need trimming back, weeds which have shot up to an unbelievable height due to the monsoons of late which need to be pulled.  I'm almost done with the bout of poison ivy (me thinks) so I'm really hesitant about pulling those damn weeds; and I wore gloves before.

Oh, one more thing ~ scroll back up to the top of this post, look to the right at the 'followers'.  I believe all those blue humanoid images are followers who are NO-REPLY BLOGGERS.  There are a LOT of you, which means if you ask me a question or make a comment I will NOT be able to send you a message.  I could respond if you sent me a message via the "Email Me" section to the right of the blog.  BUT, there is a way for you to fix the No Reply Blogger, just goggle those words.  

Happy Wednesday and happy hooking.



  1. Good luck decided what to hook next. I have not picked p my hook in months now. I really need to finish my animal one, but unfortunately I need to finish up Halloween for or store. My yard is a hot mess right now. Cleaning my house now is more important though now. Janice

  2. I am sure what ever you decide it will be fabulous!!!

  3. Yeah what Cathy said.... But my votes (yes, I get more than one) go to the ram with the scarf and Mouser. Yaaeeesss! ~Robin~

  4. ....but I really do like the stage too.... Actually, it reminds me I have a stag pattern on my dance card too....if I remember where that dang card is.

  5. Oh this is weird , I have some of those blue images too , but think they are also responsible for so many unusual comments , that I keep deleting.

    Hope one of the designs makes your heart sing & fun to hook !!!

    I spent an hour this morning pulling weeds too !

  6. I'm partial to roosters so I would pick the rooster with its regal tail feathers.

    I've been pulling millions of baby crabgrass in the flowerbed by the driveway and only came in when it got too dark to see well. Now my back is sore. I almost got it all done, but no cigars.



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