Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Yeah, plan is to have a little of this and little of that in a variety of topics.  Have I piqued your interest yet?   I'll discuss rug hooking, dread=choice, TV entertainment, fraudulent claims and whatever else pops into my mind.  

After getting frustrated on what to do with the Ox Farm rug decided to pull a few loops on The Thin Blue Line Flag last evening.  For those of you who may not be aware, there are 3 meanings:

the thin blue line stands for that thin line Police Officers walk every day not knowing if they will make it home at night.  
~ the thin blue line represents the police officer's role of trying to establish calm out of chaos.
~ the thin blue line is also a memorial for the Officers killed in the line of Duty and support of those who continue their duties in present day.  

I felt compelled to hook one after the viscous murder of Cpl. Keith Heacook of Delmar, DE just 24 miles from my town.  Last night I did get a little more background hooked around the stars and is getting close to steam and binding.
While I'm very respectful for the fallen officer and ALL Police Officers wherever they live, Hooking the stars and filling in the background became a little mundane.

Fast forward to today.... I was dreading dealing with either rug so to avoid both I decided to vacuum 3 rooms.  You know things had to be desperate for me clean instead of hook.  Also took the time to switch out the rug in front of my fireplace to make the cleaning more fun.  Now I've a more season appropriate rug as for color.  This is a Lib Calloway design #227.
Also changed out a rug from the living room into the kitchen which is a Magdalena rug.
I LOVE the HISTORY channel and have become even more entranced in the second season of Skin Walker Ranch.  Yes you read that right, it is on the HISTORY channel and not a sci fi show.  Another I'm enjoying on the same History channel is America's Book of Secrets.   And cannot wait until next week and will be disappointed when the season ends.

Okay, was very surprised by some mail I received a few days ago.  It was a letter from the Delaware Dept. of Labor saying they couldn't process my claim for Unemployment Insurance until they received more information.  My first thought was not to follow the instructions in the letter and figured it was a scam.

So I looked and learned the phone number and email were correct.  Immediately I contacted them to say someone else was fraudulently filing a claim under my old name of Slagle.  Provided the info they needed to investigate it and numerous times in the communication mentioned in bold letters that I DID NOT file an unemployment claim.

Boy, lazy ass scumbags will do anything to avoid really going out and working for a living.  They would rather be a leach and suck the blood out of people who work and saved or the government for handouts.

Yes, I understand there ARE those in need, and those are the ones who do deserve the helping hand.  But the people who are doing these scams are not the good guys who need help.  Okay, off that topic, lol.

So what the heck am I going to do tonight ~ hook on which one?  I honestly don't know if I will do either.   Since I received an order for an E.S. Frost Sheep with Birds and Flowers I'll probably clean up the wool filled drawing table so the pattern can be drawn tomorrow.  Guess I could clean a couple more other rooms or dust, lol.



  1. I wish I could get a bit of an urge to clean, but it isn't happening.
    Thin Blue Line will soon be done. I know you don't think so, but you get so much hooking done!!!

  2. A bit of "icebox hotdish," eh? ;-) sound like me with the "dreading disorder." My world is never more organized nor cleaner than when I have something that I am really dreading doing. In my college/law school days my roomies would come home to a spotless apartment, dinner on the stove/in the oven, and/or something baked. They would immediately raise an eyebrow and say "So paper or exam?" Nowdays, I use it as an excuse for keeping things a little less than clean and know, so I will have things to do when something "dreaded" comes up...the number of which such things seems to continually multiply. I am in 150% agreement on the scammer bs... If those gutter dwellers would work 1/10th as hard at honest labor as they do their scams, the world would be such a better place. Love the two rugs you switched know those crows make my heart wiggle. ;-) ~Robin~

  3. Though I know it must be tedious, Thin Blue Line is looking good~ a few more stars.

  4. I hope I get the urge to clean soon it is a mess around here. I love both of your rugs but I know how it is when you are not "feeling them"
    I am sorry you had to deal with someone trying to scam under your name but glad you reported it.

  5. I had a needlepoint project long ago - loved doing the calico cat head with all the color changes, but oh my - that solid color background got booooooriiiiiiing fast! So your doing cleaning instead of working on thin blue line rug is totally understandable. But it looks like it's coming along well. I fear my avoidance activity is far less productive - sit and look at blogs.

    You were right, that unemployment letter was a scam, just not the one you thought it was. But it's far better you found out now than getting a 1099 at tax time. Lazy entitled f.... um...I think you know what I mean about those people.

    I've been watching the Skinwalker Ranch show too - so interesting with all the technology they bring in. It's also interesting when something pops up to keep them from gathering data or cutting short their plans for the night. I also like the Oak Island show.

  6. Thanks for explaining the thin blue line. I'm glad that you are hooking the rug in the honor of those policemen who serve(ed) to protect the citizens. I certainly do not envy their jobs.

    The world is full of scumbags like the one who used your name to get money fraudulently. I hope they catch the person who did this.

    I haven't been watching TV at all and really never have enough time to do all I want to do in any given day. I don't know the meaning of boredom, not even during Covid shutdown. My house is also messy by the way. I haven't spent any time cleaning and when I'm done for the day, I'm usually so tired that I can fall asleep in a matter of a few minutes. I've noticed that I'm getting slower and slower in getting any jobs done, lol...

    I only sit down at the computer while having a cup of coffee or tea or when I'm too tired for anything else. I don't always have time to visit everybody's blogs but it's a fun way to waste time.

    Hugs, Julia

  7. Geeze having to deal with Scum Bags trying to cheat the system .....what a pain !!! Hope that gets settled right away & you don't have to fight that battle !

    Your rugs look so pretty , always feels nice to switch things around .

    Hope you can have fun hooking ! Cleaning can always be done tomorrow !!! LOL !!!

  8. Girl, you are desperate for something to do!! Love the rug you put in front of the fireplace. Agree…I hate leeches like that. Hope they find them, but likely won’t.


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