Thursday, June 10, 2021


It has been so long since I've enjoyed a rug camp that I've been doing reruns in my mind.  There's definitely lots of fun memories to draw from.  This time I'm travelling back to my very first visit to Woolley Fox and Barb Carroll workshop.  I was already in awe being in the presence of the rug hooking icon Barb and the opportunity to take a class with her.  The icing on the cake was when she took us on a tour of her home.  I took this photo of my gal pals to record the event.  To the right and over her bed is the E.S. Frost Horse and Scrolls rug I posted in the latest antique rug show.
That first workshop with Barb I hooked Kinderhook Basket, an antique rug she had hanging on her wall.  My intentions were to hook it like the antique she owned (shown below).
Barb had other plans and I liked her color plan MUCH better.  The colors she selected were mostly from the wool I took to class.  The end result is much richer than the original antique and think it is simply 'smashing'!
I've previously told the story about Barb asking me what I thought of the color purple, and I didn't take any purple wool.  Uh, told her it was my least favorite color.  She considered purple as a neutral and so some purple went into the rug.  A fun memory every time I look at the rug which hangs in this room.

Fast forward a few years of workshops with Barb to one in particular, frankly don't remember which rug I was working on at the time of this event yet I do know every rug color planned by her.  

Anyhoo....we gals would often take a small gift to give each other and pal Deb liked to give socks with a message ~ she'd buy one of each design and sometimes she give the sock planned for that person and sometimes she'd let us choose.  This time I had the opportunity to choose the sock statement which spoke to me and it was this pair below.  I covered up 2 letters for fear of being banned.  

I was wearing a pair of cropped pants and comfy slip on shoes and confident the words wouldn't be seen.  It was time for my rug to be color planned and walked to Barb's work table when in her parental voice said, "Saundra ?"  My pals immediately looked our way and when I looked at Barb realized she had seen my socks.  OMG, my face felt red hot and was so embarrassed.   I'm not Catholic but all of a sudden felt like a kid at Catholic school being admonished by a Nun.
Of course I never wore those again at Barb's, was very embarrassed but is a cherished memory nonetheless.  
Hope you enjoyed the time travel back to Woolley Fox.

Yesterday there was a thunderstorm and the weatherman said this area received 2" of rain.  Thunderstorm and more rain are predicted for today so will run my errands before that begins.  OH, by the way, guess who has poison ivy again #!%?!.  When I cut the grass this week, despite the hot temperature I wore long pants, long sleeve shirt and removed them after cutting grass.  

Only thing I can think is that with the weeds I've pulled with gloves and didn't identify any poison there must have been some hiding.  Hope it doesn't develop into the case I had last year but guess my name by Robin continues to be md (mummy dearest) since last year I went to be with long sleeve shirt, gloves (poison was between my fingers) and since it was also under my chin and neck wrapped a scarf around my neck.  As of this moment it is only right arm and hope it doesn't spread.  



  1. Fun memories....and I love the socks of course. I really like your rendition of the Kinderhook Basket. What room do you have it hanging in? You said "this" room, but I wasn't sure to which room you were referring. It is 95° here now, with a real feel temp of 98°. Seriously?? I think Mother Nature forgets she is in Nod. We were to get storms and presumably rain tomorrow, but tomorrow isn't here yet and if it goes the way it has been going, that forecast will change on a dime. Sorry to hear about the latest tangle with poison ivy Mummy's way too hot to be donning your wrappings. I hope, as you do, that it doesn't spread. ~Robin~

  2. Poison ivy. I got it very early in the season. More was creeping through my neighbor's fence. I doused it with boiling water and hoping I killed it...but afraid to gather up the dead leaves. And to think I wasn't allergic to it until recent years. Oh, growing old sucks. I do hope you caught it early and keep it from spreading.
    Love your rendition of Kinderhook!!!
    And those socks. TOO FUNNY! LOVE them.

  3. Too funny about the socks and the reaction Barb gave. I hope the poison ivy goes away fast this time. Janice

  4. Just read an article thaf said to put vodka on the poison ivy to keep it from itching

  5. Fun memories. The poison must be very strong this year, as I rarely get it but have had it on both legs this year. Good luck with yours.


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