Monday, June 14, 2021


 First of all Happy Flag Day.  I made this jointed mohair bear several years ago, made his sailor style top and the patriotic top hat.  The Betsy Ross style runner is a crochet piece I found at a yard sale about 25 years ago before we built the house.  I love the work this lady put into using crochet thread.  Can't remember what I paid for it but was way less than it's value.  The man had no clue the work his departed wife put into it. 
Have pulled the last loops on the antique adaptation Potted Plant and have steamed it.  Now it will rest before getting bound and I will continue working on the Thin Blue Line Flag.
I'm going to offer Potted Plant as a pattern ~ I drew mine out to dimensions of 10 x 20 because there is a spot on the wall where I want it to go.  But will draw the pattern to whatever size you would like.  Matter of fact I will do that to any of the patterns I offer and of course the price would go up or down depending on the size you choose.

Guess I'd better soon decide what is next on my frame so it will be ready to go when the Thin Blue Line is done.   It is at my work station....
And the worm bags have been moved back to the wool room.  However, while the bags were gathered by color in the beginning, somehow during the hooking process of Potted Plant there ended up being a massive cluster....of them which now need to be resorted.  But at least where I'm sitting and hooking now is temporarily free of worms.  
Happy hooking and have a great evening.



  1. Potted plant is lookin' good. I know you will say that it is "only" 10" x 20", but you hooked that mighty fast.
    God bless America on this Flag Day.

  2. Not sure if I would be able to hook all of those stars. Both rugs are looking good though! Janice

  3. Happy Flag Day MD.... Oh how I love that bear and his hat!! But you already knew that. Wow, lots of work in that crocheted runner. I've never seen one crocheted. Potted Plant turned out great. Very abstract in an abstract kind of way LOL. (Yeah, I was an art critic in another life...not) I'd be anxious to get it on the wall. Gah....the stars...and the stripes! There were times I looked forward to the monotony of the repetition like that...but I'm over it for a while. ~et~

  4. Oh my, that cute little jointed bear is small. It must have been quite a challenge sewing something so small I think.
    You did hook the potted plant quite fast. The stars would be a challenge for me to hook in wide cuts. Better you than me.

    Happy Flag Day.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Your Potted Plant is beautiful , love the color you used ! Love your Bear !!!

  6. that bear is darling. I like the potted plant too. I am sure your flag will be wonderful but oh those stars!hy


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