Sunday, June 6, 2021

Antique Rug Eye Candy

Not ready to show you my itty bitty update on Potted Plant just yet so Plan B is always a rug show.  I can hear cheers from the peanut gallery, 😉.  This is an attractive floral and bet Tanya will like it as well.  Sorry, no date or dimensions were provided.
Below is 
Frost pattern #39, Cat and kittens circa 1900 and measures 29 x 52.
Guess this Hunting Dog is testing his skills on the chickens; he has the pointing down right.  Said to be hooked 1920 and measures 18 x 35.
Horse with Scrolls measures 37 x 52, no date was provided. 
I like it when the auction house shows a little of the back but love it when they show the entire back. The red faded over time but appears to be in good condition.
And also nice when they give a close up because at first glance I thought that black spot was a hole.
What is interesting about that Frost horse design is that Barb Carroll had one hanging in her bedroom at the large estate.
Mother Cat and although almost camouflaged, also her kittens.  Circa 1890 from PA.

Lion 1875-1900 wool and cotton on burlap Joseph and Linda Caputo collection
A Spray of Flowers Floral with that blotchy background I so like on antique rugs.  Measures 28 x 47.
And a view of the back showing it past repair and some needed again.
A hooked House with tongues hooked in the 1900's from a Massachusetts collection.  It measures 23 x 27 and if you tap on the photo it will enlarge and you can see various types of textiles are in it.  Also she didn't hook straight lines in the border as they seem to be higgly piggly in fashion some places.
I'm  not quite sure what to make of the symbolism of this rug ~ note the red axes at the two corners and the red hooked strip down the center.  Measures 27 x 41 and hooked 19th century.
And lastly, Stars and Circles with leafy vine border measures 32 x 56 hooked  19th century.
Happy Sunday and happy hooking.  Which I'm getting ready to do....hook.



  1. Always enjoy a Rug show ! The two red roosters is kind of scary with those axes ! I love the funky house !

  2. I love the first one, the floral. Great, faded colors.

  3. Lots of ones I love...the first, the last, horses...and, of course, the kittehs!! Happy Sunday MD ~ett~

  4. I concur with Sue. First one is great!
    She and I are in class together with Cathy Stephan this weekend :-)

  5. I always love the older faded muted rug colors! Thanks for sharing. Hope you had a nice weekend. Janice

  6. I like the first best, and the leaf border on the last one.

    Have a good week.

  7. Those chickens better watch out. Those axes might mean they are headed for the dinner table!!


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