Monday, October 3, 2022


I did it, I reverse hooked the 31st date and like it better.   It is now displayed on the sofa table but is the only fall/Halloween decoration out at the moment.  Before anything else is put out the house will need a good vacuuming.  But even before that I've two patterns to draw.
Had I realized ahead of time that I didn't want the date I would have moved the crescent moon over to fill in that empty spot.  But that is way too much reverse hooking  ~ I still like it better.  It is a design by Lori Brechlin and pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.  Normally I'd make that a hyperlink but Kris' web site is under construction.  

BTW, a heads-up.....shipping has gone up once again.  I was shocked to see that a priority flat rate envelope shipping went up $1. 😠
Happy hooking and Merrie October to you all.



  1. Merrie October to you too.
    I like it better without the 31st also. It's as if it never existed.
    Boo-hoo on the cost of shipping. 😲

  2. Love this without the date too !!! Think the Moon is perfect there's Lori's whimsey ,folky way that is so appealing !!!

  3. Well, I'm glad you're happy(ier) but I actually loved the 31...I have Halloween out all month long (and beyond 😬) and the lady has a witch's hat after all LOL. What the heck with postage rates? Probably because gas is so dang high...I'm SURE they will lower the rates again once that goes down. 🤣 ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  4. I have a few of Lori's patterns. Love that you removed the numbers, but also liked it with them in. Glad you are happier about it. I have all of my Fall displays up and only one Halloween one. It will do. Everything seems to be going up, and I hate it. Grrr. Janice

  5. That is a very nice rug! I like it too. Just how it is. I hope you have a nice day. I saw that you believe in bigfoot. Me too!!! I have been in places where I heard them and had them walk in our campsite. They had their structures in my son's woods too.
    I know that they are out there. :)

  6. You'd never know you changed up Merrie October! Looks good.
    Had not heard that postage had gone up once again. Sadly there is no alternative. When I have compared prices with UPS, they were very similar.

  7. Always love this,,,, forget I have one I punched needled,,, must get it out,,,,
    Love urs,

  8. The above comment is me! Elaine!
    Dont know why anonymous? .


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