Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Antique Rug Show (edit near bottom)

Part of my daily routine is looking on the internet for newly listed antique rugs and this week I found several.  This time some of the findings were bitter sweet since many were from the estate of dearly departed Barb Carroll.  One such beautiful antique rug is this Frost Horse rug circa 1900 which measures 30 x 48.
and Bentley was the name Barb gave this rug because of the initials at the bottom.  It was hooked late 19th century and measures 28 x 40.
I remember admiring this Welcome mat which was hanging over a bed at her home.  It was hooked early 20th century, measuring 19 x74.
Attending rug camp at Barbs was always fun and she enjoyed showing us her new antique rug purchases.  This Duck Rug hung in a spare room upstairs at her large Woolley Fox location.  It was hooked 1900 and  measures 25 x 50.
This is probably a Frost design too.  Said to be hooked early 20th century it measures 17.5 x 36.5.
A few times I've thought of hooking the following antique rug of Barb's with 2 men riding horses.  It was hooked 20th century and measures 18 x 34.  I can't help but smile each time I see the large men sitting on the rump of the horses.
Barb named the antique below "Birthday Bunny" because she got it on her birthday.  It measures 20 x 38.
The dog was hooked early 20th century and measures 17.5 x 36.5 and was hanging on the wall at the stairwell near Birthday Bunny.
This wonderful geometric hung on the wall in Barb's dining room where we enjoyed it during lunch.  It would also be a wonderful adaptation to use up worms.  Perhaps a way I could  use up some selvage edges I've saved.
More than likely there will be other antique rugs of Barb's listed at the auction houses so I'll be super vigilant in my pursuit of them as days go by.  FYI, none of the rugs posted here were hooked by Barb; all of these were antique rugs she purchased.

(Edit) ~ I thought the rubber ducky mats would make more sense if the story started at the beginning...during 2012 Barb was going thru a troubling time so a bunch of us got together and purchased cases of rubber ducks for her koi pond.  They might make her smile and be a reminder she had emotional support from her friends. 
That year 
Deb and I hooked a 'rubber ducky' mat to present her when we went to camp.  When she moved from the large WF property I was quite surprised and honored that Barb thought enough of the gifts to take them to her new townhouse.  Since these aren't the caliper to be auctioned off I wonder what their fate will be.  Deb's is on top and mine at the bottom.
Wishing you a pleasant, albeit chilly, day and happy hooking.



  1. I like that first one. Such a lovely rug. How sad that Carroll passed away. I did not know of Carroll but I had heard her name mentioned, I'm not sure where , perhaps in Some rug hooking magazines. I'm sure her family will take good care of her rugs.

    Thanks for the rug show. How thoughtful of you and Bev to hook Carroll some rubber ducky rugs. I'm sure she treasured them.

    Cold here too but sunny blue skies. On November 7th, I called for an appointment to have my winter tires put on and I have to wait until December 13 to have them put on. Stupid of me for not calling earlier.

    Take care, hugs,

  2. Fun to see these rugs ....everyone has such nice stories to tell about Barb Carroll , you were lucky to such fond memories .
    Cold again here too and windy ....hardly any leaves are left on the trees ...looks so barren . Time is flying by too quickly , I'm not ready for the Holiday rush ...

  3. Awe, it is sad that the rugs are at auction unless that was her wish. Now others will have the chance to admire them as she did so in a way carrying on her enjoyment. That Frost Horse is stunning!

  4. It is sad bit it hopefully it will get into hands that appreciate them.

  5. Always fun to see the mats,,,,
    Love the Barb stories,,,,
    Still warm here till Saturday, ,,, then snow sunday!! What!

  6. Me again, now I remember the story. The rubber ducky picture kicked started my memory.

  7. The first horse rug is a real beauty. Your passion for rug hooking is to be admired. Chilly days are also headed our way. Hilltop Post. I


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