Tuesday, November 22, 2022


...look'n for my next project; yes even before Double Eagles is done.  Must be sure to have something ready to go.  Recently I found this pretty 1880's floral with tongues border.  It measures 25 x 42.
As I posted that floral above I was reminded of the floral pattern I designed and is in the shameful prison of UFOs.

The log cabin geo below isn't something I'd like to hook but might appeal to some.
But this Sunburst geometric below is to my liking.  It was hooked 19th century with dimensions of 26.5 x 40.
This Potted Tulip rug was hooked early 20th century and measures 34.5 x 38.5.   From the estate of Kristina Barbara Johnson.
A white cat with flowers in the corners.  It measures 33 x 40 and hooked late 19th century.
An oval horse rug measuring 20 x 28 but don't have a date. 
This is a  view of the back so you can see the true and original colors.
Do you think these are doves or seagulls?  Whichever they are the rug measures 17.5 x 33.
Notice the back of the rug and how far apart the loops have been pulled; a way to replicate an antique.
The wool hooked and shirred rug below sold for $10,073.  The dimensions are 31 x 44.  While the colors aren't endearing (to me) I have seen some versions of this hooked in magnificent colors.   I just might draw this out and take it to a future rug camp where a pro can help me with color planning.
Finally, a runaway horse rug measuring 31 x 55 and from the estate of Laura Fisher.
And here is a view of the back with  previous repairs and visible newer damage.  Such a shame for the damaged edge.
Now to get back to working on Double Eagles and hope to work out the border color crisis soon. Happy Hooking.




  1. Another fun rug show ....just so many great patterns to choose from , it is hard !!! One will speak to you !!!

  2. My fav is the one you want to take to rug camp....and I do like the colors and not sure why. LOL Maybe because orange and blue go together. Who knows. Janice

  3. Those birds must be seagulls because doves have a rounded belly and a shorter neck. Too bad the horse rug foundation was made of burlap. A good reason to invest in good backing for our rugs.

    Thanks for the rug show. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. i like the seagulls; they look fun and easy!

  5. So many to choose from,,,
    Love the first one, ,,,
    But like all,,,, elaine

  6. I'm with other that those are seagulls. For me it's the upturned tail that makes me think that. It seems to me doves hold their tails lower normally. But then, realism sometimes wasn't a priority in those old rug designs :-)

  7. I think they are seagulls ;-)
    I have always admired the wool hooked and shirred rug.
    Happy Thanksgiving ;-)


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