Wednesday, November 2, 2022

One Done Two To Go

The wonderful Deer and Blue house is finally bound and gracing my harvest table.  It was fun to hook, love the colors and blotchy background.
Now I'm binding Li'l Lamb and want to show you newbie hookers something you may not know.  Heck I didn't know it until I had been hooking over a decade.  The lamb piece has a curved top.  Since I don't want to whip the edges to add more color and width to the pieace I've decided to use cotton rug binding.

Did you know there is one edge of cotton binding which can be gathered?  Yup!  That would be the more rigid edge.  It may take a little patience to find the proper thread as this did for me and I tried both ends to see which worked best.  You can see that thread to the far right.  
The mat isn't quite bound but thought I'd show you what it looks like during the process.  The inside gather can be manipulated as you work and while you do see gathers it isn't the big puckers you would have if you didn't gather.  Then once the final steaming is done it smooths out nicely.
I did start a new project and ~ no surprise here ~ have reverse hooked even before the first photo.  But hope to have something promising to show in a day or so.

Weather here has been a few degrees above normal so I've tried to take advantage of it as much as my back, hip and knees allow.   There are unruly patches of periwinkle (vinca minor) which are taking over the yard.  When we first built here I didn't think it would even catch as a 'pretty' ground cover.  But OMG do I regret planting it!!!  Made some headway today around the back deck and before the mild temps leave will need to take inventory of the rest of the yard to see what is most important next.



  1. L'il Lamb is looking quite pleased even on the reversed side. That's how I bind my chair pads and I find it works well for me. You are so disciplined in finishing your rugs.

    The weather was so nice again today. I'm almost finished weeding the vegetable garden in the back. I'm even toying with the idea of making it a little wider which would involve removing the sod and shaking it to remove as much soil as possible. I may just wait till spring if I'm still fit to garden. I get tired more easily these days.


  2. Your deer mat looks amazing,,,,
    Good for you to get outside and do some yard work,,,
    Its been mild here too,,, and finally feeling better ,,,, o
    I shall be outside today, too,,,
    Take care,

  3. I never knew that trick with the binding !!!
    Nice weather has been a treat !!! Enjoy !!!

  4. Your Deer and Blue House looks perfectly at home on your harvest table - love the pumpkins too. Also, what struck me is how gorgeous the back of your work looks ๐Ÿ˜Š It's just perfect!

  5. The more I see deer and blue horse, the more I love it! Lil lamb is a close second now. Thanks for showing us newbies how binding tape works. Our weather has been mild here too but foggy in the morning and night. So glad I dont have to drive anywhere at these times. Janice

  6. Deer and Blue House is perfect for the Harvest Table, and just in time for Thanksgiving. I am loving the browns used in your Li'l Lamb rug. I gather lots of edges in my sewing. I am hoping to finish up a couple of outdoor projects next week before colder weather sets in. If the tag on a plant reads, "Good for groundcover," I avoid it. Good luck on getting your periwinkle under control.

  7. You have the perfect spot for Deer and Blue House...and soon Li'l Lamb will also be bound!
    Looking forward to seeing progress on the new rug.
    Gorgeous weather in northern Ohio. I need to get my butt outside!


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