Sunday, November 27, 2022


There are several more recently found rugs on my flash drive to share.  A reclining deer said to be hooked late19th century early 20th.  Dimensions are 22 x 36.
The auction house listed this as a "recumbent dog" but is it a dog or cat?  Measures 37 x 56 and from a Maryland collector. 
Hettie was hooked early 20th century but no dimensions were provided.
I wonder if it was that rug which inspired Barb Carroll to design this rug I hooked in 2013 named Henny Penny.  Me thinks it was 😉.
This next one reminds me of the test pattern on the television back in the day before programming was 24 hours.  Anyone here remember those days?   Hooked on burlap late 19th or early 20th century using fabric.
Dated 1889 I'm thinking this may have been a wedding rug.  I see motifs like hearts, birds, eagle, anchor, cross, scissors, and horseshoes for good luck.
This lovely cat with bowl of flowers measures 57 x 76.  It sold for $1,650 and said to be hooked between 1900-1925.
'Tis a nasty rainy day in Delaware so have been reverse hooking and rehooking a few triangles.  Perhaps now that I've decided where I'm going on this rug (thanks to my helpful blogger friends) perhaps I'll make headway now.



  1. I'm playing catch up today with commenting. I like the last two rugs. I agree, that the detailed one must be a wedding rug. There's a lot of symbols in it. The heart in the centre is a dead give away.

  2. I love Henny Penny. That is such a cute rug! Oh gosh, I remember that the pattern on the TV when it signed off and that noise it made. I love that you have all of these historical rugs on your flash drive. A rainy day would be so nice. We just get shade as my husbands says. Have a great new week.

  3. Henny Penny rug is so Cute ! The wedding rug is amazing .....lots of interesting rugs !!!
    Has been hectic in my world .....hope things slow down !!!!

  4. Love the Henry penny mat,,,,,and the antique!!!
    Lots of inspirating,,,,,mats,,,,

  5. What a fabulous rug your Henny Penny is! It is my today's favorite.


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