Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Also On My Mind

On and off my mind for years has been to hook a block or two from Lucinda's Reconciliation Quilt.  A few weeks ago when the itch to find my next project was on again I pulled out my Fall 2003 issue of Folk Art magazine to look at her quilt.
The quilt measures 85 x 97 and sold by Sotheby's October 1991 for a whopping $264,000.  Lucinda documented the finish date by embroidering "Done, Nov. th. 18th, 1867" in block B2.  But you can read more about this gorgeous quilt by clicking the link in the first paragraph.  Is anyone else interested in hooking one of these blocks? 

Happy hooking.



  1. Interesting. I like the donkey cart, which one were you thinking about?

  2. I count 39 blocks. Including the long block in the middle. It would be awesome if 39 people hooked a different block and it could be digitally assembled into one big quilt. I’d hook one!! A 2023 project?

  3. Wow, that is an expensive quilt. I wonder why she left out the red dividing lines in three of the blocks in the middle of the quilt. I guess we'll never know if she ran out of red fabric.

    Silly me, I've been working on a difficult puzzle that I bought at the church bazaar last week and I'm having a hard time pulling away from it. lol... I love puzzles. I'm taking advantage of the sunny day to waste my time away. No loops are being pulled.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. WOW! In today's dollars, that is $577,644.41!!! Holy hell.
    Lots of fun blocks to choose from. I can't even think about joining anything at the moment.

  5. Youzers on the selling price. Who has that kind of money??? I do see a few blocks that would look good hooked, but of course in more prim colors. Janice

  6. What a remarkable idea! I"m ooohhing and aawwing already. Love the quilt of course, but to see a rug from a block would be fun and so appropriate for the craft. (If that makes sense.)

  7. The amount of work in that quilt and the topic make it worth every penny! I like Lauren could not attempt until after the holidays. I have 2 rugs going now but getting to the end of one. I do like the idea of 39 hookers working a square and putting it together digitally. I am in if you can wait until Jan to start.

  8. Wow! Amazing quilt, ,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,

  9. Amazing quilt! It would be a fun project. Denise


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