Monday, November 14, 2022

I HATE Binding Rugs BUT.....

 ...I would rather bind rugs for 6 plus hours straight than go thru the drinking, cramping, pooping of the pre-colonoscopy prep that is my fate for today.

Here is the Mary Comstock binding in process.  Not sure how much more will be accomplished today as I suspect a lot of time will be spent on the toilet.
Yesterday I made some Jell-O, plain of course, and here is the rest of the menu for today.
My doctor prescribes Miralax but understand some gastroenterologists prescribe a pill, which I think would be more humane, lol.

Hope your day will be somewhat more fun than mine will be.   Happy hooking or happy anything.



  1. I had to take 4 dulcolax AND a bottle of miralax. Happy pooping. But hope your scope is good.

  2. Been there and done that only to have my appointment cancelled at the last minute and having to go through the whole process again for a second time. Thankfully two polyps were removed and I was sent home happy to have a decent meal. Good luck with the nasty colposcopy.

    Your Mary rug is looking fantastic. I hope you are proud of staying with it even though it wasn't fun to have to compromise your desire to have it like the original.

    Take care

  3. Hope all came out well. No pun intended. Janice

  4. What a welcome finish to this huge project. Hurray! I too hope all came out well in the end.
    Puns intended

  5. ugg how I hate that process my dr said since everything was fine the last one I could do cologard such a relief.

  6. Oh drinking that disgusting liquid is just awful .....
    Hope that will be last time you have to go thru that again !!!!

    Your rug is looking really pretty !!

  7. Colonoscopy prep is the worst!!!
    Mary is looking good...and soon will be in your totally finished pile ;-)

  8. While you're sitting there might as well be productive haha (thinking of puns using 'binding' but maybe not everyone has my sense of humor). All good wishes.

  9. Oh yikes,,,, hopeall well, after today!!
    Thinking of you,,,


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