Sunday, January 22, 2023


Here is a Bowl of Flowers measuring 16 x 26 and hooked late 19th century.  Had I seen this rug previously perhaps I should have drawn these flower shapes on my pattern.
A scheming cat is sitting and waiting for its meal to land.  No dimensions provided.
Put on your sunglasses, this is one colorful horse rug dated 1897.  However I'm thinking it is a more recently hooked rug with a fictitious date attributed.   A couple reasons for that is back then those colors would not be popular, plus there wouldn't be that much background color to hook that size rug as they would have used it for a quilt or more necessary things.  Me thinks it's an imposter antique, what say you?  It measures 38 x 40.
Isn't this dog with flowers sweet?  Is he on his way to woo his puppy love?  Size is 28 x 37 but no date provided.
A newly found rug is this Farmer with Pitchfork and hooked by Nancy Gertrude Scott.  In case you're not familiar with the name, she is the daughter of Barbara E. Merry.  No date or size of the rug was provided.   
I have a couple other Nancy Gertrude Scott rugs but will save them for another time.  
In other news I have sold prices on a couple antique rugs which Barb Carroll owned, Ligonier Duo sold for $2,400 and measures 27 x 39. 
Kinderhook Basket also previously owned by Barb sold for $1,400.
One I've been interested in replicating is the two men on horseback which sold for $80.  Think the rug is a hoot with the riders sitting on the rump.
There were other rugs sold owned by Barb but think these were the most well known, well except for the last one which I liked.

I have a pattern order and don't have enough linen left on the bolt to accommodate the 72" length.  I placed an order with Dorr but they had no bolts left.  Yesterday I called to see if they had yardage, at least enough to draw the pattern but they didn't.  So if anyone is in need of linen soon I'd suggest you get on their 'backorder' list.

Happy rainy evening from Delaware, and thankfully it is rain and not snow.  Yet I'll probably have my lake back after tomorrow thru Wednesday's rain.




  1. Ligonier Duo will always remind me of Barb Carroll. That rug is amazing. Is her husband still living?

  2. You're probably right about the hot red color horse rug. I'm not a connoisseur of antic rugs but even to me, it doesn't look that old. The last rug with the two jockeys had me giggling. I wonder if they were miniature horses, lol...

    It's damp chilly here this evening with 80% humidity and around 25 F. but feel more like 19 F. It feels cold to the bones. Supposed to get snow tomorrow.
    Stay warm. Hugs,

  3. I do not think those colorful horses are old at all. I am not sure it would even qualify as vintage.
    Barb's rugs did well! Was the men on horseback one of her rugs, too? That is a fun one.

  4. Wow on the prices for Bar's rugs! They were nice ones. I was actually mulling over asking you to draw me the pattern of the challenge rug you are working on right now. I would like to join, but just dont have time to draw it all out. I even have been color planning it out. Those flowers would look god with your floral rug you are currently hooking too.Janice

  5. Yeah, way that "colorful" horse rug is old at least judging from the photo. The Ligonier Duo rug is so very sweet and, I agree, that last rug is a hoot. I wonder why it went so cheap? Hope your linen isn't backordered for too long. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  6. there always seems to be a shortage of linen. Such fun rugs and good for her family getting some good money out of her rugs

  7. Wow,,,,Loved all the mats,,,,and barbs rigs are priceless,,,
    Snow this week here,,,some everyday,,,,,Just one inch last night,,,,!!

  8. Wow , amazing what Barb Carrol's rugs sold for ! That bright red rug hurts my eyes !!! We are getting wet sloppy snow , it is heavy wet , messy stuff .


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