Friday, January 27, 2023

It's Still Winter?

I couldn't believe my eyes when going to check the propane tank level and saw daffodils with heads AND crocus in bloom noticed on my walk.  So I did a search of my blog to see the earliest date daffodils were in bloom like this, it was in February!  You can see the post HERE.

Here are the pictures I took but didn't search the whole yard.  Hope you can see them despite all the leaves.  So does this mean we will have an early spring?

The crocus I noticed on the start of my walk.  They are hard to see because of the leaves and they are next to the driveway.  I'm sure there were many other blooms in the yard but didn't look for them.
Unfortunately I didn't get an answer in my sleep from dear Barb on color planning the last two flowers.  She is probably too busy in heaven looking at the view and hooking with her friends Bobbi, Jayne and Emma Lou.  But there is always tonight where my brain might figure it out ~ you know that old saying..."sleep on it".

Meanwhile I've pulled a few loops on The Woman on Horseback.  Not sure if I'll show you an update tomorrow since I've a rug pattern to draw for a customer.  She sent me a photo of an antique rug I'd never seen before so will draw that out tomorrow.  Eventually I'll post that new rug photo in a future antique rug show.

Happy hooking.



  1. This winter has been so mild here too but we finally got a lot of snow and everything is icy. I'm amazed that your daffodils are almost blooming and there's no snow on the ground.

    I wish I could help you with the choosing of colors but I'm at a loss too.
    I hope that something comes up.

  2. WOW! I think those daffs are in for a rude awakening at some point. Nothing sadder (well, that's not quite true) than frozen daffodil buds. We went to check on my brother's house about a half hour south yesterday and they had daffodil leaves peaking through the ground, but I don't think there were buds. I saw snowdrop buds in my yard the other day, but they are really early bloomers and a freeze does not affect them.
    You can pick those flowers, bring them in the warm house, and the stems will continue to grow and they will soon bloom. One of my favorite early spring things to do ;-)

  3. Sweet flowers,,,,Hope they don't get Cold,,,
    No Snow!
    We had more yesterday and lots blowing last night,,,,
    Spring will Come,,,

  4. Wow that is wonderful I think for your flowers. We still have a ways to go.
    I am looking forward to seeing the rug you are drawing out.

  5. What a strange Winter it is ....Today was 47 degrees ! My morning walk was wonderful , so I had to walk even farther ! Sure does feel like Spring , but think next week could be cold . No snow here , a half hour away the ground is covered !!! Hope your flowers don't freeze !!!

  6. My mom told me will be having an early Spring here. Living on a farm most of her life, she looked at the animals for signs. When she was here for a few days she made mention that Tundra was already shedding big time and also told me the deer were losing there Winter coats. I think you should bring in your flowers and hope they bloom. Look forward to your Woman on Horseback update. I also would like you to draw me a pattern for it. Please let me know how much and how to pay you. Thanks a bunch! Janice

  7. I see Janice will join the hooking challenge! Great! The sight of those daffodils is welcome! I have tulips in my kitchen to remind me that spring will come. Maybe in four months. But hey!

  8. I know you are not one to rub something in....but, ouch! Seriously? Daffodils with buds and crocus in bloom?? We had 9+" last week and this past Friday 5"?? (Or more?? Hard to tell with all the blowing and drifting.) And that was on top of all the other snow we already had. It will be June before I even find my sidewalk again. And now we are being plunged into the deep freeze. Wind chill advisories are out...and, of course, my fireplace has decided now would be a good time to not work. Just can't get the chill to leave. Hope you picked a daffy or two for me and brought them in to bloom. ~Robin~ (TheCrankyCrow)


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