Wednesday, January 25, 2023


I've whittled the pattern down to just 2 flowers left to color plan.  There are changes I'd like to make....maybe.  At least there were those motifs noticed which I'd considered reverse hooking.  But my mindset was just keep on going on and get the dang rug close to the finish line.  Just what was I thinking when starting this charade anyway?
Confession time ~  I was so enamored by Theresa Rapstein's hooked rug that I decided to give it a try but not her particular huge antique adaptation.  Wanted mine small but to experiment with that style.  Here is Theresa's gorgeous rug.
For now the rug will sit on the sidelines while I look at it a few days and decide what colors to use for the 2 flowers left.  I know Barb would put some purple in there as she always said, '...purple was a neutral'.  Maybe Barb will speak to me in my dreams during the next couple days while I ponder the fate of the rug.

Am sure you've noticed various shades/values of greens for leaves and colors for flowers, that is because I've tried to use worms for all of them wherever possible.  

It's been raining cats and dogs here but thank goodness not the flooding and landsides, snow, or tornadoes going on elsewhere in America.  God Bless those in the flooding/landslide and tornado area.               



  1. You've got a lot done on the floral, and it'd looking amazing. I've looked at it for a while and I can say that I would have difficulty picking colors for the last two flowers but in the back of my mind I think that I would not add another color but maybe different shade of colors. I don't know, it's kind of a dilemma. I noticed that Theresa is using a limited amount of colors.

    Whatever you decide to use, I know it will look beautiful. You always come up with the right colors anyway. I think it pays to take your time to decide. My one cent worth.
    Take care, hugs.

  2. Gorgeous yes...both the huge antique adaptation and your smaller one. I know you will come up with the perfect colors for the last two flowers, but I tend to agree with Julie about not adding more colors.

  3. Love that floral,,,,, purples woukd be great,,,, Barb! Loved her style,,,

  4. You have the floral rug almost done !!! Looks so pretty ! That Huge one is amazing !!! I can't imagine hooking something that big !!!
    We had pouring rain late yesterday and thru the night snow , so am able to walk in the mornings!!! A very Spring Like Winter !!!????

  5. Hopefully Barb spoke to you. You are so close!!! Such a sweet rug
    Theresa's rug is HUGE...and wonderful.

  6. Oh wow...on both accounts! Theresa's rug is beautiful! (And hugely so!) I think you've done a remarkable job at mimicking the style and feel. Soooo close to a finish!! You go Girl! ~Robin~

  7. I like your take on it. Maybe sell the pattern when you finish?

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