Sunday, January 29, 2023


Kimm (Sheep Under Feet) posted her wonderful finished Lady on Horseback today.  Which nudged me to post my far from finished endeavor.  As you all know by now we are doing an adaptation of Lucinda Ward's Reconciliation Quilt.  Here is a picture of that block.
Mine measures 18 x 18.5 and I'm using as many worms as possible, which range in size from #5 to #8.5.  All the tree wool is newly cut and the sky is as many worms as possible but also cutting thin  undesirable wool (normally) to fill for color variation.  Using the thin since it won't be on the floor.

I decided to hook fall leaves as there seemed to be an abundance of those colored worms available.  Will they stay?  Not sure as the green really does show up better doesn't it?  So who knows what reverse hooking may have occurred when you see it next.
For sure I need an outline around the woman's face and might use a dark piece of floss. Hard to believe I put this back on my frame 4 days ago and this is all I've accomplished.  The Forever Floral will be back on the frame this evening after I clean up the 4-day rats nest around my hooking spot.

Am missing our friend Lauren (Rugs and Pugs) but am sure she and son are having warm reunion since he couldn't get the flight to see  her at Christmas.  Am also sure she will have lots of stories of debauchery the excesses of the left coast and the city that never sleeps.  If you're reading this Lauren, have fun and safe travels home.

To the rest of my friends, happy hooking or for you Robin, happy stitching!




  1. It's coming along fine,,,Kimm mat looks Great!
    Bit by bit,,,
    More snow🏠🏡last night and today,,,,It's winter in canada,,,,
    Got off pretty lightly,,,,!!!almost February!!!!wow!!!
    Take care,,,,

  2. I like the fall leaves I know they are different but I do like it.

  3. Since I am not a big fan of green, I m really loving the fall leaves. In fact the more I see this rug, the more I want to hook it. Janice

  4. Yes, maybe the green leaves pop a bit more, but you know me and fall...and I like the idea of the Lady going for a ride on a beautiful fall day. Like I said before, I jus t love your lady. Hoping Lauren doesn't get any ideas about fashion from her outings.... 🤣 ~et~ (TheCrankyCrow)

  5. Love everything you’ve done. Leaves are subtle which I like. Fall
    Setting is a great idea!

  6. Your lady is looking great. I like the fall leaves and I noticed that you made some partitions in her skirt for interest. Both your and Kimm did a great job on your rug challenge.

    I hope Lauren made it to her destination without crushing her pumpkin rolls. and that Miss Molly will still speak to her when she gets back.

    One day left in January...

  7. For you, that is not far from finished.
    Home from the debauchery. Good to see my son. Good to be home ;-)


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