Thursday, May 25, 2023

Preview of the Center Motif

I have this love/HATE relationship with technology.  Today it was mostly hate but won't belabor it by going into details and getting my BP elevated again as it was with the Comcast interaction.  Miraculously I'm now able to receive and send emails ~ wonder if that has anything to do with my threatening to shut off the home phone, internet, email and mobile?  Ya think?

This is what little I've accomplished so far and I've been working on this for more days than Lauren has been working on hers yet she complains of not accomplishing much.  HA!  She travels 3 hours per day to and fro to camp but accomplished more than I have being at home all day.
Sadly I don't have the same colors that were in the original antique but am using what is in my stash and worms with colors which work together.  Yes I am cutting wool but trying to use what is in my worm bags first.

Am sure I'll still love it when I'm done but refuse to dye wool when there are already so many colors of wool here.  Besides, women before me had to 'make do or do without' and so shall I.

Think I'll begin hooking along the border and start the scalloped edge.  Hope I don't get dizzy, lol....guess y'all think I'm already dizzy, right?



  1. But I was at class for 6+ hours a day!!! But there were others who got less done than me ;-)
    You are off to a good always.

  2. Love ur start of the mat,,,
    I am not techie at all,,,
    I feel good to have figured out my tablet,,,,!!
    Dont have a cell phone,,, except an old flip phone for emergency, ,,

  3. Sometimes those greedy companies needs to be told... I'm not techie either.
    I'm looking forward to your progress. Don't feel that you have to produce to keep up with the Joneses of the hooking world. Slow and easy will get you there. You always do such great works of art and you usually hook circles around us. You and Lauren are always so productive. So far, I've only had time to hook at hooking meetings.

  4. Love the colors and design so far. Lauren has been Wonder Woman lately. Janice

  5. You and Lauren both are hooking some uniquely creative pieces this time around. I don't think my brain works like that LOL. Great start...but don't get me started on tech stuff. Hope your issues are fully and finally resolved. ~Robin~

  6. This is going to be so pretty !!!! Computer issues make me want to throw the Darn Thing Away !!!!


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