Saturday, January 22, 2022

New Old Finds

Will give all the participants of the hook-along time to pull more loops without pressure 'to perform'  And, give the readers a change of pace so you will be looking forward to the next update.

On this post I'll show 2  newly found rugs hooked by Barbara E. Merry and 2 by her daughter Nancy Gertrude Scott.

This  first rug was named "Plantation Scene" by the seller as it depicts Jamaicans who came over to learn the American farming method.  Other than the 'washer woman' series this is the only other rug I've noticed black figures hooked by Barbara.
In this article it states that Barbara's first husband had a farm in East Newport Maine where he employed the Jamaicans.
Another of Barbara's rugs with the name which appears to be ETNAELSTON HOUSE. 27 x 33.  If anyone knows for sure what that first word is please advise as I'd like correct information.
I've always admired the folk art hooking of Nancy Gertrude Scott.  She naturally inherited her mother's talent for rug hooking.  She must also have memories of the Jamaicans working on her parent's farm as all her people are black figures.  This one measures 24 x 33.
Another Nancy Scott rug is this row of houses with 2 chickens.  It measures 28 x 42.  I also have a number of other Nancy's rugs on a flash drive.
Happy cold Saturday ~ but hey, it is winter.  

There just might be another interested participant to the Hook-along.  Maybe this break will also give her time to start on her design of choice.  If anyone else is interested in joining you can read about starting this Hook-Along HERE.  And then after a day or so of hooking send me a photo and I'll post it when I do the next Update.  HAPPY HOOKING!!!!!!



  1. very interesting. When we moved here 34 years ago we went to an apple orchard to pick apples and there were Jamaicans working there. We would go every year and see the same men just the nicest guys. We had been to Jamaica twice so it fun talking to them about home. They all said they came for the money but were so happy to go back after the harvest.

  2. Great rugs always, I enjoyed the "show." Fascinating about the Jamaicans...I'd only ever heard of them being brought over as slaves...never as migrant-type workers. Looking forward to the GD (to clarify...Granny Donaldson") update! Stay warm...once again brutal here. ~Robin~ (PS...think that may be "Emaelston" House???)

  3. I love the show as well. Could the name be Ema Elston House? There are some people by the name of Elston in Maine.

    The deeper you dig, the more Barbarra E Merry rugs you find. Great job.

    Have a restful weekend.

  4. Enjoyed that last rug. The colors in it are very interesting. Janice

  5. It could be E.T. Naelston. Or Etna Elston. The similarity of the house in that last rug to the one of the left in the article is interesting. Thanks for sharing these.

  6. Another great rug show ! Nice to see a Mother & Daughter both hooking ! My Mother tried , but got so frustrated when her loops would twist , she was a perfectionist , so that really bothered her. She got me hooked though & I am so happy she did !!!

  7. Great mats,,,,I remember reading article in the old news and views mag,,,On Barbara merry,,,,
    Worked abit on granny mat,,,,but not enough to photograph,,,,,

  8. I am amazed at all the Barbara Merry rugs you have come across. Fun that you have found some of her daughter, too.


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