Monday, March 2, 2015

A Finish, But Not a Pillow

Not to worry, photos of my step by step progress is being worked and will show an installment tomorrow.  Yesterday I finally finished binding Hannah's Hen (a Woolley Fox Design).  Sadly it didn't fit on the wall area it was planned for.  But it sure has a nice home here on my antique school marm's desk.
Even tho the pillow project is still in progress must confess that I was a little frenzied here today since there is nothing on my hooking frame.  Perhaps I'd have been a little less frazzled if there was at least something on it, started or not. 

While wool was sitting in the dye pot for the pillow, I reviewed the list of rug patterns in my stash to see what beckoned me to hook.  Nothing struck me.  Then became even more upset and began looking at rug magazines with patterns, all my Not Forgotten Farm booklets but then I'd have to enlarge the design, tape the pages together and draw it out.  WAAAHHHH, I wanted it NOW!

Becoming more agitated (hmm, beginning to sound manic now don't I?), so wrote to my pal Evelyn and told her of my dilemma.  The wise woman told me to pull out my worms, a small piece of linen and draw something geometric.  But by that time the over dyed, toned down wool was dried and could continue with the pillow project.

Do I have a next rug design ready to go yet?  NO!  But you can bet there will be sometime tomorrow!!!!!!

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. Oh my Saundra, I recognize Rug Hooking Addiction when I see one, hahaha.... and you girl is addicted.
    I like your friend's solution though.

    You couldn't have found a better place for your Hannah chick rug. It's perfect there on that desk. That must be of consolation to you.
    I 'm looking forward to seeing the tan job.


  2. I sure wish I felt that way there are times I look at my frame and my rug in progress and just don't have the ooph to get going.

  3. An absolutely Lovely finish! I can't wait to see your wormy geometric.
    Thank you again for sharing your skills, Misi

  4. Saundra,
    I do love Hannah, but I love your schoolmaster desk more! I've always wanted one of those, but truly have no place to put one...sigh.
    Yes, not having something ready to hook is frustrating, but you, my dear, have a serious problem :) Hope your worm project will satisfy your craving.
    Hugs :)

  5. Lol. I just posted and was whining about printing, taping and drawing.

  6. I love how it looks on the desk, perfect spot for it.


  7. I love the hen, esp. the colors! The other? Hhuumm, perhaps you may just be a bit "driven" ? Artists often are I think. :)

  8. Hi Saundra what a great place for your rug it looks perfect!

  9. Love your recent finishes. Laughing my head off at your dilemma of having nothing on the frame! Do you have any UFOs or do you always see each project through to the end?


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