Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Shadow is Settled In

I've just finished stitching Shadow's resting place together to make a rectangular coverlet.  As mentioned previously, after she passed the artist was no longer around to make a box for her ashes.  Each day I'd walk past Shadow's ashes would make a promise to her for a suitable cover.

When Shadow was alive we (uh, I) said she was meant to be a wide cut girl.  And so she was.  Here is a picture of her profile hooked in #8 and the cover for her ashes box.  The Shadow Memorial profile is hanging in this computer room so took a picture with the ashes box in here too.  However, Shadow rests in my bedroom.  Paw prints were hooked on the other 3 sides of the cover.  Rest in peace Shadow....miss you.
I'm slowly working on my son's Man Cave rug (to be a Christmas gift) and may show you an update tomorrow.  Have pulled about half yard of wool to over dye and add to what has been scrounged up and married to make a background for that rug.  I was determined to have a dirty blue wool background.  Time will tell if my plans work or not...so stay tuned.

And THEN...... MUST start working on a rug for mama....Moi, to keep me happy.  It will be a Magdalena design ~ dear Magdalena.  If she only knew when she was alive just how much inspiration for primitive rugs she gave so many who love her designs.

Welcome to my new followers, it makes my heart happy when I see someone join.  IF anyone has requests on something you'd like to see me post about, has a question, hey, all newbies have questions because I WAS a newbie.  So to contact me just click on the profile link and my e-mail address is there.  Or, to make it easier tonight, you can click HERE

Have a great evening everyone.  There are signs of spring all over my yard so spring really is on it's way.



  1. Great project Saundra! My DD & her hubby would probably like something like this - my brother too! I think you've really hit on something!

  2. That is a wonderful tribute and way to honor the memory of a pet.


  3. Congrats on your new followers!!!
    What a great cover for Shadow's ashes. You done good :)
    Spring, my foot. Feels almost like winter here in Ohio.

  4. such a nice cover for shadows ashes. You are always so busy.
    ps congrats on the new followers.

  5. Saundra, your tribute to your beloved Shadow is so touching.
    Maybe you should try to get that into Rug Hooking Magazine. I had never seen something like this hooked before.

    So good of you to reach out to hookers who have questions they would like to have answers to.

    I've got my hooking Mojo again and hooked till I went to bed last night. I find most of the time that I' don't hook is because I don't have the proper color wool.

    Enjoy your Spring weather.


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