Friday, March 6, 2015

Remember My Empty Frame Panic?

Before the Crow Pillow was completed I did as my friend Evelyn suggested and drew out something small to use up worms ~ an interim project to keep  my hands busy when I needed something to hook.  Here is what I drew.
Well that didn't do it for me at all; I don't like what I've hooked, it was boring and mama wasn't happy.  So it was time to pull out my Primitive Quilts and Projects booklets.  Even then nothing spoke to me ~ don't get me wrong, there are lots of wonderful patterns in there but ya know if you get a taste for pizza that a hamburger won't do, right?  Not sure what I was looking for but I didn't find it.  And then.......

....and then I visited Plumrun Creek Blog and voila!  She had hooked a couple of With Thy Needle & Thread designs and I saw something wonderful.  Actually both the rabbit pieces she hooked were wonderful but one looked familiar.  So I went to another place in my house where more hooking designs are kept.  AH HA!  I also had the Mr. Cotton Tail pattern.
Now I'm more content to have something on my frame.  Plus there's no longer any envious green eyes for those of you working on bunnies 'cuz now I've got my own bunny to play with.

This time before Mr. Cotton Tail is finished I will have decided what is on my frame next for SURE!!!!!

Have a great evening, hope everyone's snow melts and off to better as we spring forward this weekend.



  1. Julie hooks the most wonderful rugs. So happy she inspired you to check your stash. I know yours will be wonderful, too.
    Hugs :)

  2. That will be a fun one to do and just in time for easter.


  3. Well there you go sweet woman, you've got your very own bunny, or is it the other way around, the bunny got you!!!

    In any case it's a nice springy pattern and just in time for Easter.

    Have a great hooking weekend.


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