Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mr. Cotton Tail Update

Worked a tad more on Mr. Cotton Tail, a Brenda Gervais design, and think he will be ready to display and enjoy before Easter.  Am also hoping he will be the incentive for me to clean up wool dust bunnies. 
All of the flowers, stems, jacket, backpack, grass, and most of the border have been selected from my worm baggies.  I did cut the tan check for the bunny and some primitive black to go with the other black leftovers.  But hey, I use a LOT of primitive black since that is my 'go to' background since it really makes colors pop.

Oh, I forgot to mention the dimensions of my Mr. Cotton Tail is 14" x 14".  Some time ago when this needle punch pattern was purchased from With Thy Needle and Thread I asked if there was permission to enlarge her NP designs and hook them and was given permission.  Sometimes you ask a designer and they say no so I leave those designs alone since there's already so much eye candy out there to enjoy and hook.

AND..... guess what!!!!!!!  There will not be another 'panic attack' with nothing on my frame when he is done.  I've already enlarged and drawn out an antique adaptation which is ready to throw on the frame in a millisecond.  Will share that in a future post.

Lately I've had a few new gals write me with typical newbie questions which ALL of US had when we began.  Just to let you newbie readers know, it is okay for you to write me and I'll try to help. 

I'm not claiming to be an expert and will only give you my thoughts based on my experience.  You could ask 10 seasoned hookers the same question and you may get a few same but also some different answers.  Frankly I learn something new each time I'm around hookers and going to camps.  We are never done learning but know too it is a struggle when newbies start out..... I WAS A NEWBIE TOO.

Had the HVAC guy here today AGAIN. for the new furnace which also had to have a new blower installed...remember that?  Something came loose in the new blower so it sounded like a lid on a pot of boiling water flopping up and down.  Yes, had heat but could not sleep last night because of the racket. 

I'd just gone to bed when the furnace came on; there was no TV playing, only heat.  Ben went wacko barking since he thought someone was trying to break into the house.  Knowing what it was I coaxed him into the bedroom and closed the door.  Even then, each time the blower came on for the furnace I could hear it in the bedroom the other end of the house.

Uh, you do remember me saying this was my NEW FURNACE, right?  The one which needed a new blower installed after only 3 weeks old?    And now this issue.  Is the word LEMON coming to mind? 

Hope everyone has a great evening and my hope for me is that I get a great night's sleep and no more issues with a new paid for furnace.



  1. I love the plaid you used on the bunny. I would have guessed that he was much larger since you're using wide cuts. I agree, the antique black makes him pop and hop. lol...

    It would make me very angry to encounter all the problem you had with this furnace and including the repairman. Something is not right there... Did you get this furnace from an established company?
    I hope they don't expect you to pay for the repair bill....

    Wishing you a good sleep.

  2. Awww why does life have to be so hard!

  3. Mr. Cotton Tail looks great! Yes, you will have him done in plenty of time. Can't wait to see your next antique adaptation!!!
    I would be thinking lemon, too, if I had those problems with a new furnace. I do hope that is the last of your issues.
    Hugs :)

  4. Oh no not another issue with the furnace. You are a hooking queen. you go through the patterns like potato chips.
    can't wait to see what you start next.

  5. Love how that is coming out, gorgeous color choices and nice contrast. Hope the furnace works now without more problems, still cold at night.


  6. Love how your rabbit is turning out.
    It's the best feeling ever to have the next project ready to go !

  7. Love the bunny!
    Hope that is the LAST, new furnace problem. I feel for you, sheesh, and Ben!

  8. Loving this bunny. The bright spring flowers make me smile!

  9. Yikes! That furnace did put you through a ringer. Well, I'm at least glad that the HVAC person arrived in time to fix the problem. Although I think that you should give your furnace a second look. You can even start looking for substitutes. In any way, I hope that everything is doing well for you. All the best!

    Henrietta Fuller @ Bri-Tech Heating and Cooling

  10. Using some primitive black to mix with the other colors in the background was a good idea, since it made the light colors pop out of the image. Anyway, having a damaged furnace must’ve been quite frustrating, especially since it’s only 3 weeks old. Anyway, I hope that problem has been dealt with, and that it didn’t cost you too much to accomplish. Take care!

    Tommy Hopkins @ Accutemp Cooling and Heating

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  12. It seems like it’s not the first time that you had the HVAC guy in your house to fix that furnace. Are the expenses for the repair covered by insurance? Anyway, I hope this is the last problem you encountered with it. Thanks for sharing!

    Randall Rogers @ R J Heating and Cooling


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