Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Let the Pillow Begin

Thank's to Susidele's comment, I did put the wool in a bath of 1/8 teaspoon taupe dye and it did tone down the white even though it doesn't appear to be a drastic change.  Perhaps I should have taken the time to do another 1/8 teaspoon but was pulling at the bit to get the pillow started.  Besides, that is the back which will be against the sofa.  This is the after the bath
This picture was the before shot and must admit that from the photos there doesn't seem to be much change at all, but in person it doesn't have that stark white look.
First thing I did to prepare the pillow is draw a line 1 1/2" away from the last hooked row. In each corner it was reduced to a 1" line to reduce the bulk in the corner areas. 
Then I did two rows of straight stiching, side by side and with one row of zig zag connecting them together.  Next, I put my needle in the left position to do one row of straight stitch close to the last hooked row.  Maybe this was over kill but since I'll be stuffing the pillow wanted to be sure the linen wouldn't stretch.

Here is another view after the stitching and before trimming the linen.
Then it was time to trim the linen, cut the pillow back and put fronts together.  I'm doing a running stitch using double crochet thread and will go around the three sides once more.  I'm stitching just around the corner at the bottom so there will be an opening (at the bottom) to put in the pillow stuffing.
Later today the pillow will be stuffed, closed and primitive Betsy binding technique done.  Stay tuned as I'll have more photos to share of the process.



  1. I appreciate you taking me along on this. I am anxious to see the final pillow.


  2. I see you go across the points, like I do.
    These are going to make beautiful pillows.


  3. Maybe this will inspire me to actually make a pillow one of these days.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs :)

  4. Hoping to see it wen it's done, I like your attention to details!


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