Friday, March 27, 2015

Looking at Old Rugs

Just shy of two months I'll attend yet another delightful rug camp at Woolley Fox with Barb Carroll.  There are two patterns which I can/might take for the class.  One is a Woolley Fox pattern called NED and the other is a moose design by Bev Conway.    But, old rugs still call my name and I'm checking to see if there might be something else to take instead.

Strangely enough, I saw this CHUM rug and wonder if it could be what goes with me to Barb's.  It even looks like it may have been hooked by the same woman who hooked the original NED ~ check out the similarities in hooking style and color choices.
Here is the original Ned:
This is obviously a very old and very used hooked rug of an eagle.

This floral is from the Textile Museum of Canada and a nice primitive design.  I've hooked a few florals and was over it...but this one could draw me back since it is so naïve, old looking and makes me think of a watercolor painting when looking at it.
An antique hit and miss heart with animals and date March 1931.

Oval within a rectangle.
From Northeast Auctions found this rug and the colors are soothing to me.  Not so sure how old it is but there is some wear and tear around the edges.  Like the colors.
Old dog rugs often showed an exaggerated mouth and guess the red and white is supposed to be the top teeth, the tongue and then bottom teeth.  Yeah, I know they weren't artists, neither am I, but perhaps that was how they saw and hooked their animals.   One question I'm going to ask Barb at camp (if I can remember in two months) is why antique rugs with dogs and horses were often hooked with red at the tail and feet.
One day I want to hook the Three Bears.  Although there's not going to be any more grandchildren here, just might make it for me.  I've seen plenty of hooked versions but this antique happens to be owned by Barb Carroll.
Below is an interesting rug and rather detailed and not too worn for an antique. 
You see this messy blurred and faded Moose rug below.... it haunts me.  Every time I scroll thru my compilation of antique rugs this one makes me pause and stare.  I'm sure all of you are scratching your head as to why and frankly can't explain it myself ~ there's just something that captivates me.
Hey, it's Friday.  It was in the 70s yesterday and today it was in the 40s.  Tonight we'll get snow flurries and IF the fog leaves and the sky is open to clear things out we might wake up to single digits on Sunday.    SPRING?  Was yesterday all there was of spring?  Bet we go straight from heat one week and the next week to A/C.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. Lucky you, that will be a fantastic class to take. I can't wait to see what you decide on.


  2. I"m not into antique rug although I appreciate them but I'm drawn to that moose one too.

    I think it's the neutral colors or maybe the negative quality of the photo. It's like looking at an old negative black and white photo. I love the effect.

    Have a great weekend. Hard to believe, we're already at the end of March.

  3. As always, thanks for the rug show.
    Ned is in my stash, too.
    Hugs :)

  4. Love all the old rugs...especially Ned and Chum...I'd like to do with a cat (of course)...oh you lucky girl hanging with Barb...she is just the master of color planning...

  5. LOVE the muted tones and primitive designs of old rugs !!

  6. I loved all the old rugs!
    I could not pick a favorite, this time!


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