Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Outside Edge ~ Border Decision

Am slowly working on Mr. Cotton Tail  (a design by With Thy Needle & Thread) and as I was hooking the border wondered if perhaps the outside edge row should be replaced.  The top you can see mostly an old gold/brown outer edge and swags.  Then wondered if the outer edge were black would the piece looked more framed and make for a nicer mat so hooked a section on your left but that didn't seem to help me.

So decided to lay a piece of dark wool on top of what had already been hooked to see for myself without having to pull loops.  AH, first glance at this sent a 'like' signal to my brain.  Then when I scrolled up to look at the photo above am able to see that as a viable alternative as a border frame.  Oh my.... decisions decisions. 

In a class with Eric Sandberg I remember him saying, "hook what you know".   This has come in handy in many a scenario.  That comment or thought comes in handy when at a rug camp you have a question for a teacher but she or he hasn't yet made rounds full circle.  IF I hook what I do know it will give me something to do and accomplish more on my piece without interrupting a teacher with a student who also needs help.

With this bunny mat, I will continue to hook 'what I know', which is the whole inside, because once there is more accomplished inside that border decision might be easier to make.

As always, I welcome everyone's thoughts.  There's no right or wrong, just a matter of taste..... or as with the 'dress gone viral' a matter of blue and black or gold and white ~ a matter of what the eye sees.

Have a great evening and hope your snow is melting there as it is here.  However, that is causing yet another situation with flooding; particularly since now there are to be a couple days of rain.  This is what it looks like now.  A series of photos taken of my back yard and woods area.  That woods area is supposed to be dry but unfortunately I do live in a low lying area.  Hell, all of Delaware is a low lying, flat land area.  That white in the background is still now on top of unmelted ice.  Inside Ben's playground you can see muck because it is so full of water.
 Yup, more water.

So friends..... once the rain developes you might see future pictures.  After all, we here in Seaford have suffered TWO 100 year floods within 2 years of each other and hope this isn't the 3rd.  Bridges were washed out and travel to a local grocery store just one mile from me took forever to get to because of the detours due to flooding.  But guess as long as I have heat, running water, some hooking and Ben for comfort I'll be okay.

Have a great evening.



  1. You are like us, living in a low line area and we didn't used to flood until they built a dam up river and we been having river watch since then every spring.

    Don't forget the food, girl...... I hope you don't flood.
    Poor Ben, his backyard is getting wet and muddy.

    Your bunny rug is coming right along. You could very well hook that black outer edge and keep hooking and if it doesn't work, just pull it out. I think it will good. Personally I like wide black borders on my rugs.They are not the primitive kinds though.

    I got a wee bit hooking done between dyeing wool and answering the phone a million time today.
    OK, that's an exaggeration but I wasn't pleased.

    Stay dry.

  2. Hopefully you won't have another 100 year flood. We still have a significant amount of snow on the ground but it is melting fast. Thankfully we don't have rain in the forecast to cause flooding.
    I'm undecided about the black border. I'm a big help, aren't I?
    Hugs :)

  3. We still have snow piled up and it is raining now and warmer temps, so I know it will be a mess. Love the dark colors and I think that once you have the inner border, you can see how it will look, overall.


  4. I Love your Bunny rug ! I like so many of Brenda's patterns , but have never tried to enlarge a pattern to hook it. I'm chicken ! Our snow has melted a lot too, but dodging the pot holes is getting to be very challenging ! Today we could hit 50 degrees !!!!

  5. The only thing I hate more than the snow season, is the mud season. I am so ready to see some green grass.


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