Tuesday, March 24, 2015


THIS ~ Hooking is my favorite activity and am totally disappointed if unable to hook even one day.  The pattern design and color palate has to be something to my liking and all are hooked for my pleasure with the intent to be used in my home.  With the exception of this rug designed for my son as a Christmas gift for the addition he is building on his home....obviously one is a game room.
It is a good thing I started pulling loops on this immediately, I know me; I'd have looked at it in October and say to myself, "nah, don't feeling hooking it after all".  But guess what.....now I'm running out of steam or interest, whatever.  Just surveyed the background wool that was married and some just didn't tone down enough so am wondering if there will be too much contrast in the background.  But heck, seems like I'm quitting before breaking into a good sweat. 

Guess it is time to put it aside for a week or so.  Maybe I just need a break since just hooking the last row of balls in the last day and already bored so finding excuses.  Not to worry, I won't quit and knew that was a reason for starting early.

THAT ~ Tonight I'll finish binding Mr. Cotton Tail.  Yup, have drawn out my next project but don't have wool pulled for it yet.  And, I've done a sketch for a hooked rectangular vessel to hold my Shadow girl's ashes but not on linen yet.  After my last two Rotties passed (Shumba and Panzer) I had a local artisan make a box and paint their profiles on the box with their life dates.  The artist is no longer here so Shadow has no decorative box to celebrate her life.  She will have one soon tho.

AND the OTHER THING ~  While driving in the car with a talk radio show was listening to 'dirt doctor' who has a web site by the same name.  Someone had called about clothes eating moths.  We all know about washing our wool, not introducing used wool into the group until it is washed.  We also know about lavender, cedar, etc.

Hey, I have a LOT of wool.  There is no way that I pull out all my wool, unfold it, flip it over, take it outside in the sunshine, etc.  So was interested in what this man had to say.  He said there were clothes moth tents which could be used to attract moths.  I've read it only attracts the males and not the female egg layers but hey, that would mean less males to help make eggs, right?

Even tho I have Sweet Annie in my wool room as well as lavender, I just purchased this product.  There are other brands out there and was tempted by several.  But since there was a deal with a spray as well as the hanging tents thought I'd go for this.
Indoor Insect, Safer® Brand Clothes Moth Kit, B57107270
In the event any of you would like to err on the side of caution and spend a couple bucks, click HERE for the link.

Hope you have a great evening.



  1. The balls looks real good. You've got a good start on the project.

    I have lots of wool blankets and hooking wool and my worst nightmare is that I'll get moths infestation.
    I wash everything that comes into the house but they must come from somewhere before they find wool. Do they live outdoors ??


  2. It looks wonderful to me and I know how it is when you lose interest or get stuck, I just give it a few days or weeks and then it comes to me. I usually move my wool around to keep moths from getting in and I do like using lavender. I put a pack in one box and none in the other and the lavender wool smells so nice and the other is musty, so it is well worth using.


  3. You are off to a great start on your son's rug!
    I need to get busy binding...sigh. I swore I was going to keep up this time, but we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions!
    Hugs :)

  4. I want to find a lavender plant for my wool shelf. I guess I shouldn't put it off. I am the same as you with a rug I am not "feeling". Instead of being fun, it feels like a chore. Put it away for a bit and soon the deadline will push you to pick it up again


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